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Volume 12 Issue III                                                                                        Fall 2019
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Hello! I figured I'd better get this edition sent before I embark on the next adventure abroad... But to first bring you up to speed.

I can't believe it has been 16 years of hauling horses south for the winter... This was the first year that I had to leave extra early at the end of September due to massive pre-winter snowstorms.  Thankfully they arrived just as I left each town as I migrated further south. Though the weather held, a leaking fuel hose and sheered tensioner pulley caused a slight delay in the drive. I'm now down to NASA pitstop-like repairs at this point. If you're ever in the Blackfoot ID area be sure to look up John's Repair Service... An old-school, fast, realistic mechanic who literally had replacement parts delivered to his repair shop before we'd even arrived from the tow to the service station!

Two days after the 1,400-mile journey I hopped on a plane and headed to southern Florida, where I added a new clinic destination at Peaceful Trails Farm. We had a wonderful group of very enthusiastic participants and auditors- and are planning another one- potentially two- for October 2020, in the Coconut Grove area. If you'd like to be kept up to date please send me an email. From there I proceeded to drive the Gulf side of the state, driving 700 miles over the next seven days, including a private clinic for folks who'd first learned about me through my Remote Horse Coaching program.

Two days of lessons and "rest" in AZ and I was on my way to southern California where I began the seventh season of my Winter Clinic Series at Oakzanita Ranch in Descanso, CA. This year I'm only doing five clinics there and amazingly after years and years of having one crazy weather challenge after another we finally had six gorgeous days for both the October and November clinics.

In between those sessions, horses arrived at the Yuma, AZ facility for assessments, tune-ups and intensive learning sessions with their owners.

And now, as I gear up for Southeast Asia, I'm hoping to blend time perusing the jungle and ruins mixed with training horses and helping humans understand them, complemented with time allotted to studying elephant behavior. I look forward to all of the horse enthusiasts I will meet all along the way. From polo horses to jumpers, to rescues to top-notch facilities to the indigenous horses, it should be quite the trip.

My schedule is quite full upon my return to the States in late January. If you are in the Arizona proximity, be sure to EMAIL me to get on the limited schedule for lessons and training February 2020- April 2020. First come, first serve while I am in town throughout the winter and early spring months.

There have been requests for summer clinics to be added in Washington, Montana, Oregon, Brittish Columbia, Tennessee, and Wisconson. Be sure to keep an eye on the website calendar to sign up for those. If you'd like to find out about bringing me to your area here is a Clinic Host info page. And keep in mind, if you'd like an intensive one-on-one clinic experience sign up for the limited Private Clinic options. 

I have finalized my Idaho Full Immersion Clinic schedule with a shift of dates to the end of June and the end of August.

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your horse soon!

P.S. If you haven't heard, I "officially" launched Alternative Horsemanship Remote Horse Coach in February. Take a minute to learn about this fabulous learning opportunity by visiting the all NEW 
WEBSITE.  I will be continuing to offer these services while abroad.

P.P.S. If you would like a daily dose of adventures, humor, and insight, did you know you can now see my pictures on
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20 Questions Horse Owners should be asking!

Assessing and improving your horse maintenance...

I always suggest re-evaluating every six months your horse's physical and mental state. Also, consider how you maintain his health and why you're doing what you are.

Especially for those folks who experience all four seasons throughout the year, horses can react drastically to weather and environmental changes.

Also for those people who have had the same horse(s) over a long period of time, I find that they have found or become accustomed to doing things in a certain way but as the horse gets older do not frequently re evaluate their maintenance program.

Below are a few questions that I suggest people answer along with keeping a horse health journal as a reference point to learn from and find what works best for their horse.

Take pictures from both profiles, front and rear every six months.

What is the general condition of your horse's mane and coat?

Weight wise does your horse look consistent or does he look like he is carrying extra weight or pockets of fat especially along his neck and hindquarters?

What do your horse's hoof condition look like? Have you taken pictures from the front, rear and behind? Have you measured how large your horse's feet are? Easiest thing to do is place the hoof on a sheet of paper and trace it.

Have your watched your horse chew his hay and/or grain and notice if there's any bits and pieces that fall out? Have you assessed his manure to see if food is not breaking down properly when he is chewing?

Have you ever done a fecal count, checking for worms and Parasites?

If you keep your horse at home, are you able to rotate where he lives, and discard old manure?

Have you assessed your horse's current work program in correlation to his current feed program and do you make adjustments throughout the season?

Even if you went through the challenge of saddle fitting at some point in owning your horse, especially for those with younger horses and older horses whose bodies wind up changing quite rapidly in a short period of time, have you reassessed if your equipment is still fitting as well as possible?

Have you noticed any soreness in your horse after certain types of work whether it is changes in terrain, length of time, etc?

Have you noticed any behavioral differences in your horse's attitude and mentality towards you depending on what work you've been asking of him?

Do you ever see your horse roll all the way over or does he roll on one side, stand up, then roll on the other?

If your horse has experienced a physical trauma, have you had a quality chiropractor or any other body worker assess them?

Have you seen your horse lay down and sleep on a regular basis?

Does your horse seem relaxed in his pasture or stall, or always on alert?

If you have a mare, does she have extreme heat cycles? Has her ovaries been examined for cysts and other issues?

Most folks treat their own personal health as a reactionary issue. Unfortunately the same approach is frequently used with horses.

By prioritizing the horse's physical well being, even if nothing specific appears to be wrong, you can frequently eliminate many unwanted behavioral "issues."

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Southeast Asia
November 2019-January 2020

Oakzanita Ranch 
Winter Clinic Series 
Descanso, CA
January 22-28

Private Clinic
Durango, CO
February 1-2

Private Clinic
Phoenix, AZ
February 7-9

Oakzanita Ranch  
Winter Clinic Series
Descanso, CA
March 4-9

Oakzanita Ranch  
Descanso, CA
April 1-6, 2020

TEC Re-Open for the Season mid-April

Full Immersion Clinic
The Equestrian Center
Sandpoint ID
June 26-28, 2020

Alternative Horsemanship Clinic
Hot Springs, MT
Dates TBD
Full Immersion Clinic
The Equestrian Center
Sandpoint ID
August 28-30, 2020

Mini Full Immersion Clinic
Coconut Creek, FL
Dates TBA 2020

Oakzanita Ranch 
Winter Clinic Series
Descanso, CA
October 14-19

Oakzanita Ranch 
Winter Clinic Series
Descanso, CA
November 11-16, 2020

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Two Oak Creek Herd babies that arrived separately this summer, both from the same herd...
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