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Happy holidays! It's Covid winter surge time again! May you all have a good time, remain healthy and celebrate in peace. You already know what to do to celebrate safely and just in case here are the recommendations from the CDC. And some reading on Very Well Health about Omicron and how to protect yourself during the holidays. In the event that you would get sick I just want to emphasize again (broken record I know!) that early intervention is key to preventing serious illness and hospitalization. As a western treatment the Pfizer pill (Paxlovid) has just been approved by the FDA and seems effective. However it looks like the supply is limited (especially at the time of a surge).

As you might imagine I favor either AntiVirii from Panaxea or the more complex TCM protocols. The table I'm sharing below is a cheat sheet I made almost two years ago (TWO YEARS AGO!!!!) when it was apparent that we had a big infectious disease problem at hand! (Warm Febrile Disease in TCM). This is just a basic guide / example and isn't meant for people to pick their treatment options! If you have Covid (or similar symptoms - I don't treat Covid, I treat YOU) do schedule a telehealth consult RIGHT AWAY. Treating symptoms at the onset is the most important decision you will make (broken record again!). I then usually prescribe a custom protocol for you which might include the patents in the table or modified versions of the formulas as well as other supplements and specific advice (which might include going to urgent care, I'm a primary care provider before everything else). TCM Diagnosis is key in prescribing the right formula or designing a custom one. If you would like me to compile evidence based protocols from China or western research centers you can also set up an appointment. 

Be safe! Nothing to freak out about! Enjoy the holidays and call if you get sick! (I also treat indigestion, hangovers and could also offer counseling if you have difficult family members!)


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