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While you are probably familiar with our best seller formula, Adapto Plus, I wanted to promote our main family of proprietary formulas this week! They are all available at our online store or at the clinic (or even delivered to you if you live near my running routes). Our formulas all share 3 important attributes


The 100% natural herbal ingredients in our formulas have been tested by the largest supplier in the world of herb granules to ensure quality control: We do not use any animal products and our formulas are gluten free, kosher. Every bottle ingredients are traceable to their origin.


Our products ingredients are made by a GMP and ISO certified manufacturer (KPC) in Taiwan, and packaged in California. There are no hormones, drugs, or unlisted substances in our formulas. Only solvent used is purified water, no glycerins or alcohols or chemical anything. All natural.


Our formulas are backed by thousands of years of herbal tradition as well as evidence based research. In addition, we have prescribed and modified the formulas for years for our patients, thus providing us with anecdotal evidence to further support our claims!

Our best seller adaptogen formula, Adapto Plus, has a long story of personal endurance research and achievements as well as evidence-based design thanks to the research on Adapt-232 combined with our expertise in traditional herbology. Adapto Plus is a daily supplement designed to minimize stress, improve focus, just go through demanding workdays, survive an expedition or recover from a cold or other illness. We invite you to learn more about it here. Each bottle contains 50g of powdered extract which last about a month. 

This combination of herbs in Libido Plus is a highly effective natural sexual enhancement herbal supplement used successfully by all for generations. Results will be noticed quickly, most people experience a change within the first week of taking Libido Plus. The results from my patients are dramatic. Satisfaction within a week of use and 90 percent report a noticeable difference in their desire and fulfillment within 2 weeks.

Neuro Plus is a brain supplement designed to improve cognitive function no matter what your age!

Improve your focus & concentration, optimize your brain power, enjoy clear focused thinking all day long. Neuro Plus is the formula that will support you through grueling board exams or writing a book or finishing that research paper.

Contains caffeine (from guarana) as well as non essential amino acids.

Hundreds of years of continual use of these herbs and now recent research, shows these herbs provide DEEP, RESTFUL SLEEP. 

Also another very simple and effective formula with only 4 ingredients (only plants). Drink it in hot water or tea about 30 minutes before going to bed. And guess what? It's super yummy and sort of fruity and sweet! Very soothing!

For the party animals out there! First of all, we don't recommend drinking alcohol but sometimes you have to or you want to... 

Taking this before and after consuming alcohol will alleviate the effects of mild to moderate imbibing. A decent natural hangover remedy! Also drink tons of water... be safe and have fun! PS: thinking about rebranding it to Drink Less or Drink Minus! Any thought? 

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