I will soon be offering an 8 week anti-aging package that will guide you through a personalized health and wellness plan to maximize your health and wellness as you age (we all age). Here are some snippets of what will be included. If you are interested in joining the program get in touch with me (spaces are limited as I want to pay attention to everyone in detail). Recent research in human trials and new ways to measure biological age have shown that we can indeed reverse aging. 

Experiment with Fasting 

Studiesh shows that fasting can provide significant health benefits, including reduced body weight and visceral fat mass, decreased insulin and glucose levels, and lower inflammation. Fasting may also directly protect DNA against oxidative damage – a major contributor to the aging process. Research also found that a fasted state to be associated with enhanced overall cognition and memory. Let us help you getting started with a fasting schedule that fits your lifestyle and will make you younger!

Sweat in a Sauna / Take Cold Showers 

Saunas have many benefits including the ability to detoxify the body. Sweating helps the body excrete certain toxins, including heavy metals like aluminum, cadmium, cobalt and lead; BPA, a chemical used in the productions of plastics known to be an endocrine disruptor; and PCBs, compounds used in chemicals that have harmful effects to human health. Sauna use has also been linked to reduced mortality and disease rates. Cold exposure at about 11min per week are shown to promote resilience and higher levels of dopamine. As with anything else keep within safe levels. 

Eat Broccoli, Other Sprouts and Fermented Food

Broccoli sprouts contain high amounts of a compound called sulforaphanes, known for activating the NRF2 pathway in our body—more than any other compound. The NRF2 pathway controls over 200 genes responsible for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant processes. When this pathway is activated, the body suppresses inflammation, activates detoxification, and promotes antioxidants to exert their effects. Therefore, the sulforaphanes in broccoli sprouts allow us to better cope with the stressors and harmful compounds we are exposed to daily. Add powder mustard seed to restore the sulforaphanes lost in cooking (or eat your broccolis raw). Fermented foods are the surest way to maintain your gut biome which supports your immunity and your mental states (gut brain axis). Kombucha, Kimchi and Sauerkraut are the best and cheapest options. It’s very easy also to make your own. Daily consumption is indicated for optimal results.

Focus on Sleep / Use Light to your Advantage

During sleep, the body restores and repairs various functions and replenishes hormones. A lack of sleep results in a decreased ability for the body to reset and perform at it's maximum capacity. Optimize your sleep by avoiding bright lights before bed. Avoid caffeine and exercise at least four hours before bed to help with falling asleep, and keep room temperature at 65°F to help improve sleep duration and morning alertness. Also as you know, it’s best to keep rooms dark and not look at screens! Let us guide you to better sleep. We also have high quality supplements to support healthy sleep (do stay away from melatonin, it can actually shrink your gonads). Finally, light is very powerful as it regulates our cycles (important to be exposed to sun light in the first hour after waking) but also has therapeutic functions (infra red light heals and red and blue LED can heal acne, wrinkles and other signs of aging).

Incorporate Deep Breathing 

Stress can wreck havoc on the body, in part by suppressing the immune system and increasing blood glucose levels. The breath is a powerful tool to help reduce stress. Deep breathing involves taking long, slow, deep, and focused breaths. This technique activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which can help slow heart rate, lower or stabilize blood pressure, and promote a more relaxed and awake state. People who incorporate deep breathing into their daily lives show significantly lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) and improved mental function and general sense of wellbeing.

Practice Gratitude 

People who practice gratitude exhibit greater happiness, more positive emotions, and significantly better mental health. Acknowledging what we’re thankful for—either in writing, thought, or prayer— drives us to recognize the positive aspects of our lives, fueling positive emotions and happiness. The practice also helps to remind us that happiness partially comes from outside sources, allowing us to connect to and appreciate other people, nature, or a higher power. 

Test Blood Biomarkers 

Blood (and saliva, DNA, hair) tests are one of the most powerful ways to understand what is happening to your internal health. Vitamin D, hsCRP, cortisol, glucose, cholesterol, testosterone (and many others) should all be tested regularly to ensure optimal health. We offers a range of blood, DNA and other tissues testing plans that provide insight into your biomarkers and evidence-based recommendations on how to improve them. We also offer an extensive panel for allergies.

Consider Supplements 

Biomarker tests are the only way to objectively know which dietary supplements you should be taking. For example, a low vitamin D blood test result may be cause for a vitamin D supplement. Furthermore, combining blood+DNA can provide insight into genetic predispositions. Sometimes, genetic traits limit our biomarkers' response to diet or lifestyle alone—so extra help from supplements like resveratrol, NR, NMN, amino acids, CoQ10, turmeric, berberine or Adapto Plus may be warranted. We only prescribe medical grade verified supplements so you don’t rely on sketchy sources! 


Put the latest science findings to work for you. Take yourself to the next level with our ultra-personalized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan. 

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PS: Managed to assemble this whole newsletter about anti-aging without mentioning the skin!!!! Next time and no worries skin rejuvenation is included in the 8 Modules of Live Long, Live Well!

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