March Equinox Virtual Training Week

Spring Cleaning is a common tradition for many Cultures, but it’s not only our homes and items that need to be taken care of regularly. Spring is a time of new growth, of warmth and rain and sun, and we need to grow as well. We need to tend to our relationships, our skills, and our Spirits.

Come join us for our Spring Equinox Virtual Training Week! Visit and chat (virtually!) with our Nokiiwin communities, and learn together as we head towards a new time of growth.

We’ve been working hard to address your concerns about registration, and we hope our new page will be a simpler process. Please use button below to register, and keep an eye on the page as new sessions are being added regularly!

Registration is now Open!


Speakers Include…

The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, MP | Dr. Travis Hay | Ron Kanutski | Cohen Richardson | Kim Bird | Denise Findlay | Dwayne Fuchs | Dr. Barry Johnson | Elder Marlene Pierre