Remember when the city use to move to the line up of V-103. We woke up with Frank-Ski and Wanda. We had Big Tigger, Ryan Cameron, & Elle Duncan to push us through the day but when it was 6 o'clock, and we heard that Chris Tucker drop we knew it was time for Greg Street to rock on V-103. Street was the sound of the city. At 8 he ran the top 8 @ 8. But when 10 hit, it was time for The Quiet Storm with Joyce Littel 🌻

Soft & warm, the quiet storm. On v-103
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Tickets are also available on the website as well. We would LOVE for you to attend with us! 
John Wesley Dobbs, Jr. 
The Mayor of Auburn Avenue
John Wesley Dobbs, Jr., the grandfather of Mayor Maynard Holbrook Jackson (The FIRST Black Mayor of Atlanta) and a believer in enfranchisement as the key to overcoming segregation. He convinced Mayor William B. Hartsfield to desegregate the Atlanta Police Force (1948) and the week her passed (1961), Atlanta Public Schools desegregated. If you have EVER been on Auburn Avenue you've seen the giant metal head at the intersection of Auburn and Fort. Snap a pic next time you walk past it and tag us! 
Did you know...
Auburn Avenue was once the most prosperous Negro street in the Nation!
-Fortune Magazine, 1956
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Tribe! We are pulling up to Feed A Starving Artist (FASA) THIS Saturday 9.1.18 from 8-11 pm at iLounge in East Atlanta Village. Cost: $10.  
FASA is a monthly open mic and civic engagement event that happens on the 1st Saturday of EVERY MONTH. It is the intersection of Art and Politics! 

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Atlanta was once known as the city too busy to hate. Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. coined us as such because he wanted Atlanta to be recognized for their progressive racial advancements in “equality” (Note: we support equity, not equality). Either way, it was a multi-million dollar campaign in the 60’s to really showcase how business-oriented Atlanta truly was. Mayor Allen was the very Mayor who removed Jim Crow signs and apologized for the Atlanta Wall 
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Remember when you had to flip your Laffy Taffy upside down to get the answer? same rules apply 
22 years ago..
22 years ago today the ATLiens landed Ova da Wudz from Babylon on the Wheelz of Steel. Who knew that Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac would go up in this world like Elevators, you and me? Nah. It might be a new Millennium but from the 13th floor does it really look like anybody is Growin’ Old? Organized Noise was straight Wailin’ when they hit Mainstream but ain’t nothin Extraterrestrial about a Decatur Psalm to a real Jazzy Bell. Don’t worry, who really needs an intro when You May Die, time is of the essence. 🔌 #WeDF

Thank God for Rico Wade. 
Before we go, if you are interested in collaborating, supporting, or working with us in ANY way; HIT US UP! It takes a village and we do not EVER want to do this alone. 

Until next time, Peace. 
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