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Here's the latest news about the local effort for the ILC in Tohoku (northeastern Japan)
At a meeting of the FDMILC, MEXT official states they will make their position clear on March 7th

The international group of scientists spearheading the ILC will be having a meeting on March 7th, and have set that as the deadline for the Japanese government to make an Expression of Intent (EOI) for the ILC. On February 21st, the Federation of Diet Members for the ILC (130 members, chair: Hon. Takeo Kawamura) held a general meeting. There, Keisuke Isogai, the head of the Research Promotion Bureau at the Ministry of Science (MEXT), stated that he would attend the March 7th meeting to announce the national government’s position on the ILC.

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Council members from 11 city councils visit the FDMILC and MEXT in Tokyo to petition for the ILC

On February 13th, council members from 11 city councils in southern Iwate and northern Miyagi visited with the non-partisan Federation of Diet Members for the ILC (FDMILC) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to petition for the ILC.

Fifteen council members from Ichinoseki, Oshu, Ofunato, Rikuzentakata, Sumita, Kanegasaki, Hiraizumi, Kesennuma, Tome, Kurihara, and Minami Sanriku traveled to Tokyo. At the FDMILC, they met with Chair Hon. Takeo Kawamura and Hon. Takashi Fujiwara (House of Representatives, Tohoku proportional representative). At their talk, Takashi Tsukiyama of the Ichinoseki council said, “The ILC will lead to the accumulation of accelerator-related industry in the Tohoku region. As an international hub for scientific research, the ILC will greatly contribute to the world, and lead to new developments of the region.”

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Alliance of LDP politicians from Tohoku and Hokkaido travel to the national government to urge them to make a decision on the ILC

The alliance of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP, Japan’s ruling party) politicians from Hokkaido and all the prefectures of Tohoku visited the national government on February 8th to make a petition for the ILC. The international organization of scientists spearheading the ILC have set March 7th as a deadline for Japan to express an intent in the project, so initiatives are being ramped up by related organizations to encourage the government to make its decision.

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The Oni Museum of Kitakami
An oni is a figure in Japanese folklore that resembles a supernatural ogre or demon. Legends of these human-like hulks abound throughout the country, and each region has their own kinds of oni and oni legends. Typically, oni are depicted as angry red ogres with horns on their heads (and maybe a loincloth with tiger stripes). These demons come from the underworld to torment humans, along with other Japanese folk monsters like yokai and mamono.
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Spring Beauty in Tohoku, Japan
With its extended geographical length from south to north, Tohoku allows visitors to enjoy cherry blossoms from early April all the way to early May. Abounding with water from the melted snow, mountain hamlets burst with scenes of blooming flowers as pretty as a painting. Many visitors time their trips to coincide with the cherry blossom season, which usually lasts from mid-April to early May.

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