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Here's the latest news about the local effort for the ILC in Tohoku (northeastern Japan)
A new symbol for Ofunato

On October of 2021, Ofunato City had started the on-shore displaying of the Sengoku Ship “Kesenmaru” which overcame the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. For today’s article I would like to introduce you all the ship which has become the new symbol of recovery for Ofunato.

What is a Sengoku Ship?

A Sengoku Ship (written using the Kanji characters which symbolize ‘thousand koku ship’), is a large-scale wooden sailing ship which had largely contributed to the development of Japan during the Edo-Period (1603-1868). The ‘Sengoku’ points to the fact that this ship can carry a thousand ‘koku’ or bags of rice. (Note, one koku is approx. 150kg and is the amount one adult will consume in a year.)”

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The View from TOHOKU & NIIGATA
This original work of TOHOKU HOUSE was produced by WOW who was born in Sendai and is active around the world. Images with the theme of "the four seasons", such as the natural scenery of Tohoku and Niigata and summer festival images that make full use of motion graphics (CG), will be screened on a huge 180-degree panoramic screen. This is the first ambitious work to challenge the technologies by mounting a 360-degree camera on a large drone to shoot landscapes and synthesizing (stitching) multiple images into 180-degree images.
From Fukushima to the entire countries
SHIRAISHI Nagatoshi of Farm Shiraishi is an eighth-generation farmer in Iwaki city, growing vegetables with a commitment to natural farming methods. After the earthquake, he experienced a situation of having to dispose of carefully raised produce. He thought about quitting the farming life, but couldn’t let himself quit the fields that had continued for generations. He found inspiration to carry on under the motto “If I’m going to do this, I’ll make it fun, cheerful, and delicious.”

About Tohoku ILC Promotion Council

This conference, consisting of industry, academic, and government representatives, has been established to promote basic scientific research and to deepen the understanding of the International Linear Collider, as well as to research and maintain the environment during ILC installation.
That's the news for this month! As always, feel free to send us any questions about local activities for the ILC, life in the region, or about working in Japan.

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