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Here's the latest news about the local effort for the ILC in Tohoku (northeastern Japan)
Summer and Winter – The Season for Scallops

It’s the end of February in the Tohoku region; there’s still snow on the ground, and temperatures are brisk. Then we hear a ring from our Aiphone intercom*. We’ve gotten our annual package of scallops from my parents in Aomori.

I usually think of scallops as a summer treat, but just when is the season for scallops? With that question in mind, I did some research on scallops with my sons, and I’d like to share with you my results.
*Incidentally, “Aiphone” is the largest intercom manufacturer in the country, and is pronounced the same as the “iPhone” in Japanese. Apple had to receive special permission from Aiphone to use this trademarked name in Japan.

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Sominsai~An Ancient Winter Rite~

A different kind of winter festival

Iwate has a long history – from festivals featuring ancient dancing and drumming traditions, to prehistoric civilization sites in the north, to centuries-old craftworks whose techniques have remained unchanged to this day, there’s something moving about how far Iwate’s culture stretches back. Oshu in particular is well-known for its historical places and events, especially the thousand-year-old festival of Sominsai.

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Kyassen Ofunato

I hope all is well and that the cold weather hasn’t gotten to best of you yet!

Taiga here from the Ofunato City Hall writing yet another post.

Today, I would like to share with you all one of the largest and most forward-looking town revitalization projects I’ve seen in my life. To be fair, it hasn’t been very long since I arrived in Japan and haven’t really traveled much due to the cold weather either… But nonetheless, it was a very interesting experience listening and learning about this Kyassen Ofunato Area, and I would like to take this opportunity to share it with you all as well.

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About Tohoku ILC Promotion Council

This conference, consisting of industry, academic, and government representatives, has been established to promote basic scientific research and to deepen the understanding of the International Linear Collider, as well as to research and maintain the environment during ILC installation.
That's the news for this month! As always, feel free to send us any questions about local activities for the ILC, life in the region, or about working in Japan.

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