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Here's the latest news about the local effort for the ILC in Tohoku (northeastern Japan)
After a long and cold winter, Aomori Prefecture will have the most beautiful season.
If you are visiting Aomori in spring, you cannot miss the cherry blossom season. You can explore many cherry blossom viewing spots such as Hirosaki Park, the highest cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan, the Tsugaru Railway where you can see cherry blossoms from the train window, and the longest road of cherry trees in the world. Rape blossoms, apple blossoms, the sparkle of paddy fields filled with water, and the beauty of fresh green are also waiting for you.
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Northern Japan's Top Cherry Blossom Festivals

Japan is a country head over heels in love with cherry blossoms. Cherry trees can be found everywhere and the annual bloom is a major event with forecasts being broadcast on national media and discussed incessantly in springtime. The blossoms themselves are supposed to represent the ephemeral nature of life and people in Japan take the cherry blossom period seriously with hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties organized with family, friends, colleagues and clients. Crowds gather in parks all over the country and sit under the trees chatting, drinking and eating whilst enjoying the beautiful views on offer. At night, people can enjoy yozakura (evening cherry blossom viewing) with some parks illuminating the trees using lanterns. It's a beautiful time of year and one which is deep in the hearts of Japanese people and visitors who have experienced this stunning annual ritual.  

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Summer and Winter – The Season for Scallops

It’s the end of February in the Tohoku region; there’s still snow on the ground, and temperatures are brisk. Then we hear a ring from our Aiphone intercom*. We’ve gotten our annual package of scallops from my parents in Aomori.

I usually think of scallops as a summer treat, but just when is the season for scallops? With that question in mind, I did some research on scallops with my sons, and I’d like to share with you my results.
*Incidentally, “Aiphone” is the largest intercom manufacturer in the country, and is pronounced the same as the “iPhone” in Japanese. Apple had to receive special permission from Aiphone to use this trademarked name in Japan.

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About Tohoku ILC Promotion Council

This conference, consisting of industry, academic, and government representatives, has been established to promote basic scientific research and to deepen the understanding of the International Linear Collider, as well as to research and maintain the environment during ILC installation.
That's the news for this month! As always, feel free to send us any questions about local activities for the ILC, life in the region, or about working in Japan.

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