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Here's the latest news about the local effort for the ILC in Tohoku (northeastern Japan)
Minister of MEXT: “Do a lot of research in Japan” after figuring out how to share the costs of the ILC
On September 25th, Hon. Koichi Hagiuda, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), sat down to an interview with various media companies where he talked about the effort to bring the ILC to Japan. “If there are countries to partner with and if the financial predictions look good, then it would be great if they do a lot of research in Japan,” he stated, showing great interest in how the international negotiations will turn out regarding sharing the costs of the ILC.
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MEXT requests 480 million yen for FY 2020’s ILC-related budget – a 50 million yen increase from 2019
The Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT) announced on August 29th that they had requested 480 million yen for ILC-related items within its fiscal year 2020 budget (≈ 4.1 million Euros). In July, the Japanese, French, and German governments agreed to start a discussion group, and that added a 50 million yen increase (≈ 430,000 Euros) to the budget compared to what was requested in FY 2019.
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An ILC Lecturer talks about the significance of the ILC to the people of Ichinoseki

Ichinoseki Science Cafes are held within Ichinoseki City to give an opportunity to citizens to chat with researchers about the ILC project and other scientific matters. One of these cafés was held on September 7th at the Ichinoseki Library in Otemachi, Ichinoseki City.

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In Morioka, the sound of flutes let you know autumn is coming

The winds have begun to cool in Morioka, the largest city in Iwate Prefecture, and all through the town, you’ll start to hear the gentle chirp of flutes and the banging of drums.
Throughout all the various neighborhoods of Morioka, practice has begun for our annual Morioka Autumn Festival, a tradition passed down over 300 years of history.
The festival was started in the Edo Period (1603-1868) to celebrate Morioka becoming a city. Young people developed clever symbols called “chō-jirushi(丁印)” to represent their various neighborhoods. They then carried them on floats throughout the town surrounding the samurai castle which existed at the time. This is said to have been the start of the tradition.

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1 Day Journey to Matsushima
If you travel by train just 40 minutes from Sendai you can reach Matsushima, known for its scenic beauty as one of the “Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan.” 260 small pine-covered islands rise from the emerald waters of Matsushima Bay, a view which appears much the same today as it did centuries ago.
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Autumn Colors in Tohoku, Japan 4K (Ultra HD)
Find another Japan in Tohoku. Explore the seasonal beauty of Japan’s northeast. Turn on subtitles and the shooting location will be displayed.

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