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Here's the latest news about the local effort for the ILC in Tohoku (northeastern Japan)
Welcome to Sumita
[Currently, travel to Sumita is not recommended, and for many not possible, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, several of the facilities and businesses showcased in this article are closed at the time this article is published, to prevent the spread of the virus. Please check the hours and closures before visiting. We sincerely hope that all readers stay safe, and are able to visit Iwate Prefecture when it is safe to do so.]

Sumita is a quaint little town which lies east to the ILC candidate site cities of Oshu and Ichinoseki. If the ILC is built, the town’s mountainous roads could be used to transport some parts for the ILC from Ofunato Port. The small town has a population of 5,315 people (as of March, 2020) and an area of 335km2—of which 303km2, or about 90%, consists of forested land. As such, visitors are likely to come across wildlife in Sumita, such as deer or antelope. If you give a Sumita local a moment of your time, they will be happy to tell you about the town’s rich history and abundance of natural resources. Sumita’s small-town hospitality makes the town all the more enjoyable to explore.

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Ichinoseki, the land of mochi

As the influence of Covid-19 envelopes the world, many are at home due to lockdowns. Here in Japan, an emergency declaration has been issued by the government asking citizens to refrain from non-essential and non-urgent travel and outings. With uncertainty in the air as to how long the situation will continue, I’m sure the majority of us are making various efforts to keep entertained at home.

In Ichinoseki City, located within the Kitakami site of Japan, we eat ‘mochi’, also known as Japanese rice cakes (not saying that most of us are spending our time eating mochi all day…)! In order to make sure that those coming from abroad aren’t surprised or confused by this food, I’m going to take it upon myself to provide a rundown on mochi before the ILC is realized! Here’s hoping that this article will assist in deepening your understanding of our local specialty and provide some entertainment in the meantime.

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Michinoku Coastal Trail From the Sky: Spring, Summer, Fall
This is a perspective you don’t get to see on foot: let us show you how lovely the Michinoku Coastal Trail is from the sky. We start with scenes of cherry blossoms in the spring, then the forest and sea along the meandering ria coastline, the glowing sunset reflecting from calm bay waters, and white waves crashing against the rocks. Enjoy the many faces of the ever changing ocean along the Michinoku Coastal Trail from a bird’s perspective.

About Tohoku ILC Promotion Council

This conference, consisting of industry, academic, and government representatives, has been established to promote basic scientific research and to deepen the understanding of the International Linear Collider, as well as to research and maintain the environment during ILC installation.
That's the news for this month! As always, feel free to send us any questions about local activities for the ILC, life in the region, or about working in Japan.

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