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Smiling Faces

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."

-Mother Teresa

What a weekend!  We've never experienced one like it!

It started off a bit sureal.  We received new guidance about masking late Friday for both the Culver Farmers' Market and the Mishawaka Farmers' Market.  Now, following CDC guidance, fully vaccinated people can go maskless almost everywhere, while doing almost all normal activities!  While it is now optional not to wear a mask, there are many folks in regulatory positions recommending fully vaccinated folks NOT wear masks, as a way to encourage those who have not been vaccinated to get it taken care of.  Basically, masks are annoying, and ditching them is an incentive to getting your shot(s).

It was actually a bit of a surreal and disquieting experience, and we still masked while running a couple of errands in crowded indoor places.  But, farmers' markets are all about community and building relationships between food producers and food eaters (uh, that's everybody...), and that's hard to do when you don't recognize people because you can't see their face.  That was particularly challenging at the Mishawaka market last year: the market itself is still quite new, so really, everyone is new to everyone else, vendors and customers alike. 

Now that we can see everyone's smiling face, we really want to!  Please: if you're vaccinated, free your face, mash the mask, and stop by and see us at market!  If you're not, we still want to see you, but please continue to mask up!

In this week's 'ish, we give you a weekend update, and share some 'shroom news.

Order Deadlines

Delivery Option     Deadline
Home delivery | Thursday     Tuesday, 10pm*
Pickup @ Culver Farmers' Market | Saturday     Thursday, 10pm
Pickup @ Mishawaka Farmers' Market | Sunday     Thursday, 10pm
*Sourdough orders for delivery require an additional 24 hours
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Baby Pictures!

This just in, Rachel had twin girls this morning.

Everyone is nursing and pooping well and bouncing around in the grass.  Mom is pleased with herself.

What a Weekend!

This weekend was crazy at the markets!  I think the combination of beautiful weather (instead of the traditional rain and cold), opening weekend at Sunday's Mishawaka Market, and the sudden easing of mask restrictions got everyone into a spring tizzy. 

We sold out of many products at the Culver Market, so after market, I harvested more of everything (except microgreens, which, alas, are gone when they're gone.  And they were ALL gone at Culver). I was a bit reticent, because in the past, when we've sold out of a single item or two at Culver on Saturday, and I've harvested more for Sunday, we've ended up not selling very much of those items, and they end up in the compost. 

I needn't have worried, though.  I've never seen traffic like we had at the Mishawaka market yesterday (even at the beginning of the pandemic, when the grocery stores didn't have anything and everyone was panicking, or 7 or 8 years ago when a tornado knocked power out in Culver, and the only place in town anyone could buy food for several days was from the farmers' market.  It started about 15 minutes before the market opened, and was unrelenting.  By 45 minutes in, we were down to one bunch of radishes, one bag of lettuce mix, one head of lettuce, and one bunch of scallions.  All but the one head of lettuce were gone in the first hour, and it went shortly after!

Meanwhile, Xenia had a constant barrage of traffic for her jewelry.  She rarely had a moment to breathe, or when she wasn't in the middle of customizing pieces for three people while answering questions for four or five more.  We stayed an extra 45 minutes after market closed so she could complete a really cool custom order, a charm bracelet on which she stamped each of the 12 universal laws, one per charm.
The weather finally looks like it's starting to turn the corner this week, and we're planning marathon transplanting days.  But, we're still suffering from the slow start to spring.  While we had a fairly robust inventory at market the last two weeks, the next couple will likely be a little slimmer.

We really feel bad about selling out so early, disappointing so many folks.  So, given all of the demand from this weekend and the weather delay reaching full production, we'd like to remind everyone that you can shop our online store, and pick up your order for no additional cost at either market!  You'll get the best selection that way, as we'll pack your order before we even go to the market.  Then you can just pick it up when you arrive: we'll still get to see each others' smiling faces!  For those in Marshall, Starke, Fulton, or Pulaski counties, or Mentone and Warsaw in Kosciusko county, we still offer home delivery on Thursday as well.

Have a great week, everyone!

'Shroom Stylin'

While things are a bit behind in the garden, the wilderness still provides!  Chief Forager Xenia, seen here with a beautiful cluster of oyster mushrooms, continues to make nearly daily excursions to the woods, seeking sustenance from our spring spore-bearing species.  Ramps and violets are already finished for the season, but stinging nettles and various mushrooms are still producing.

Wildcrafting is time-consuming, and time-sensitive, particularly for mushrooms.  We never have large quantities, so most of her harvest goes to select folks on her waiting list, only occasionally making it into inventory on the online store.  We have yet to ever bring any to market that have not already been pre-sold.  So, if you'd like to get on her list, send her an email to let her know you're interested.

Order Deadlines

Delivery Option     Deadline
Home delivery | Thursday     Tuesday, 10pm*
Pickup @ Culver Farmers' Market | Saturday     Thursday, 10pm
Pickup @ Mishawaka Farmers' Market | Sunday     Thursday, 10pm
*Sourdough orders for delivery require an additional 24 hours
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