- February 2022 -

Opportunity Brews Confidence

Second Annual Heartfelt Market

Saturday, February 12th from 10-4. Visitors will stroll Deep River collecting colored hearts from participating businesses to create a wreath of hearts and be entered to win cash prizes in a drawing at 4PM!

There will be special sales and discounts throughout the day to foster the spirit of community and heartfelt thanks. The event’s Heart Mascot will even be roaming the street for photo ops!

Our First Responders have been keeping our town safe and sound during this extended COVID-19 pandemic and our Heartfelt Market is an opportunity for the community to show their support and raise funds for them.

Possibilities Boutique

The Possibilities Boutique just keeps growing with more creators and new items. This month we are so excited about everything “hearts”! Where else can you buy amazing gifts at reasonable prices while also making a difference! Win-Win! Come shop with us!

Mission Moment

Jillian Noyes had a dream. She wanted to get to work without bothering her mother or relying on a limited bus schedule. She wanted to go to a movie, or be able to buy groceries. She wanted to feel like an adult. But she needed to learn to drive. Jillian’s struggles with Autism and ADHD created a lack of self-confidence that made it complicated to gain the one thing that could give her this freedom. A license. During an early driving lesson, her instructor told her that he “usually saw progress after two hours of lessons, but that he did not see any with her”. This crushed Jillian. “I took that as a sign to give up,” she said. But someone else saw promise in her.

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We are so grateful for the support from our Nest Community for our 2021 Year-End Appeal. Together we surpassed our $10,000 goal with $12,882 in donations. Because of the generosity of many we will be able to grow our Nest Gatherings Program to reach more young adults with social and learning activities geared for their special interests in a safe, soft place to land! Additionally, we will continue to provide our employment and intern programs right here at The Nest.

We are very excited to bring new programs to our community this year that will ensure young adults with disabilities are seen and valued for who they are and the gifts and talents they bring. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who donated!

Every year ESB donates up to 10% of their after-tax income to local nonprofits. Your vote matters and can make a big difference for A Little Compassion and The Nest Coffee House.

Vote the entire month of February at any of the bank’s six branches or through either your Essex Savings Bank online banking account or the ESB app.

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