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Dear friends of the KLI,

Welcome to the June issue of The KLife Newsletter! As restrictions eased up towards the end of spring, we continued to host our colloquium series in a hybrid format to share our discussions with the world. Our speakers covered a wide spectrum of KLI interests: theoretical biology and evo-devo, evolutionary political economy, sustainability science, science diplomacy, open science, and philosophy of science. Keep scrolling for interviews and reports on what's happening at the KLI.

Does baby size matter? Unexpected similarities in human and chimpanzee pelvises

Nicole Grunstra and colleagues present a facilitated variation hypothesis to explain why chimpanzees appear to possess similar obstetric adaptations in their pelvis as humans, despite giving birth to much smaller babies. Read more...

Ontologies of environmental governance

Jacob Weger investigates the ontological assumptions underlying modern environmental governance in a new paper. In this interview, we discuss the dominant “modernist” ontology, Indigenous ontologies and pluralism, and the idea of "ontological politics." Read more...

Evolutionary Developmental Biology: A Reference Guide

Laura Nuño de la Rosa and Gerd B. Müller bring together an integrated set of reflections on major current issues in evo-devo to unite both conceptual and empirical strands of the field. Read more...

Cancer and the environment: a critical review

Analyzing 300 studies conducted in the last 30 years, Roberto Cazzolla Gatti's critical review on carcinogens in the air, water, and soil sheds light on the connection between the environment and cancer. We will continue to lose our battle with cancers if we do not stop their triggers from environmental pollution. Read more...

Is knowledge just another buzzword in the sustainability sciences?

What exactly is this “knowledge” that the action-oriented field of sustainability science so eagerly talks about? We interview Cristina Apetrei on a new paper, co-authored with our Guido Caniglia, that reviews knowledge-related concepts in the sustainability scholarly community. Read more...

Online exhibition of "Evolving Futures: Owning Our Mess"

ClimArtLab is an artEC/Oindustry and KLI collaboration that emerged from a dissatisfaction towards mainstream approaches used to foster behavioral and cultural change both in research and policy. On May 11, artists, scientists, and philosophers co-created a transformative, participatory intervention live installed in an online exhibition. The videos are now hosted on the website and our youtube channel. Read more...

The value of mentorship: imagination, theory, and practice

Having a good mentor can make or break one’s career, yet academics are often left to their own luck and devices. What is the nature of mentorship, why is it important, and how can one create a network of mentors? A KLI lab initiated by Stephanie Schnorr and Nicole Grunstra investigates these questions with an evolutionary framework. Read more...

Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology

Rethinking Cancer with Bernhard Strauss

We interview Bernhard Strauss, co-editor of Rethinking Cancer: A New Paradigm for the Postgenomics Era (MIT Press), about moving beyond the outdated Somatic Mutation Theory, the importance of theory in science and medicine, the 2017 KLI Altenberg workshop, and a follow-up meeting at the Royal Society of Medicine in September, 2021. Read more...

Biological Theory

June 2021 issue is now out!

Biological Theory’s June issue (16:2) features articles on gesture as it relates to language evolution and a consideration of coercion versus altruism in the evolution of multicellularity, along with a debate about the “zone of latent solutions” in cultural evolution from Bandini et al. and Haidle & Schlaudt. It also presents the latest entry to the “Classics” collection: a reconsideration of Hans Böker’s “Species Transformation Through Reconstruction." Read more...

Annual Report

The 2020 Annual Report is here!

Our annual report summarizes the scientific projects we hosted last year, our meetings and working group, the EASPLS summer school, special events, publications, prizes, communications and outreach, professional development workshops, and so much more. Read more...


VienNature: a Vienna Nature Exhibition

Wim Hordijk, computational biologist and photographer, has released his latest online photography exhibition of the larger Vienna area. How can a deeper, personal connection with the natural world be stimulated not only by an artistic appreciation of what we see and feel, but also by what we know? Read more...

If you missed the March issue of KLife, you can read it here.

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The KLI is an independent center of advanced studies in the life and sustainability sciences. The mission of the institute is to enable scientific reasoning that can contribute to understanding and sustaining life on Earth in its biological, cognitive, social, and cultural diversity.

The KLI supports research focusing on evolutionary theory, especially in its relation to development, cognition, and sustainability science, as well as on the history, philosophy, and social studies of science.

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