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A look back on this day from the Barriger Library
Hunter, Kansas looking east along main line from M.O.P. x-ing, May 15, 1937
John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library 
This is one of the thousands of photographs taken by John W. Barriger III during his time with the Reconstruction Finance Commission during the Great Depression. The building on the right hand side of the photo is an interlocking tower that controls movement on this portion of the railroad.
In this case, Hunter had a tower because two railroad lines crossed here and it was necessary to control these movements to ensure smooth and safe operation of both railroad lines. In cases like this, where two railroads were controlled by one tower, each railroad would agree to cover a portion of the operation.
While Mr. Barriger’s time with the RFC would end as World War Two got underway, he would frequently pass through towns like Hunter for many more years. You can see more pictures of the Santa Fe on the UMSL Digital Library here.
You can view more railroad photographs across the country at our Flickr site here.
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