A Virtual Stroll through Springtime in Missouri
If social distancing is keeping you indoors, you can still enjoy the
beauty of springtime in Missouri with a virtual walk through these
spring landscapes captured by two noted Missouri artists.
Frank Nuderscher (1880-1959) Spring Landscape, ca. 1922, oil on canvas
St. Louis native Frank Nuderscher was active in both the local and national art worlds as a member of the Riverfront Art Colony, the Saint Louis Artists’ Guild, and the National Association of Mural Painters in New York. He was president of the Independent Artists of St. Louis, and he was one of the founding members of the Society of Ozark Painters. Although he was a self-taught artist, he became an influential teacher, leading the Nuderscher School of Art and the Ozark School of Art in Arcadia, Mo. Nuderscher was both a mural and an easel painter who was well-known for his industrial scenes of the St. Louis region and for Ozark landscapes like this one.
James Godwin Scott (1931-2015) Maeystown, Spring, 1987, watercolor
Although Scott had lived in various parts of the United States, his artistic career began in St. Louis when, at age 21, he stopped here on his way from Los Angeles to New York. His first glimpse of the Mississippi River so captivated him that he stayed in St. Louis for the next 25 years. Scott soon began studying with Frank Nuderscher, with whom he remained a life-long friend, and quickly changed from working in oils to watercolors, in an effort to better capture the light and motion of the river. Throughout his career he painted en plein air all along the river to depict the St. Louis riverfront as well as the historic river towns like Maeystown, Illinois.  See more James Godwin Scott paintings in the Digital Library here.
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