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Dear FPC Family,
There are a few things I would like to inform you about so that you are up to date on some business items of the church.  
HVAC and Internet Upgrades:
In December the session approved a joint request from our Property and Personnel committee and the Finance and Stewardship committee to do two things:  
  • First, to upgrade our internet capability and bandwidth across the entire building.  We find ourselves in a dire need to upgrade our internet since we have moved towards a hybrid format with Sunday school classes on zoom.  This upgrade will provide the necessary bandwidth for us to prevent hang-ups or calls being dropped because everything is overloaded.  It will also provide internet access throughout the whole building whereas it has been limited to specific areas.  
  • Secondly, since the building was completed in 2011, we’ve dealt with large heating bills during the winter.  Most of this is due to heat pumps that provide most of the heating in our building (except for natural gas in the sanctuary).  After doing research about converting those existing units to natural gas, it was clear that the cost was too outrageous to make that change.  The cheaper and more efficient option was to reduce the number of heat strips that provide heat, to reduce the dampeners, and to upgrade our thermostats so that we can better manage usage across the facility.  Apparently, the heat pumps were set to use the highest amount of energy when installed and that is not necessary.  In addition, our thermostats were outdated and required “NASA intelligence” to schedule which made it difficult for us to manage.  Our new thermostats will be hardwired so they are accessible remotely, and will be far easier to use.
So, the Session approved a motion from both committees to take care of all of this simultaneously with work to begin the first of January so that we can get a return on investment with reduced heating bills during the peak of use this year.  The Session approved a total of $25,556.01 to cover the costs to handle the work.  Avery Heating and Air will be doing the HVAC work and Dougnet will provide the I.T. work for us.  In fact, Dougnet has already completed their initial work and soon Avery will wrap up the project.  Our hope is that we will begin to see a reduction in costs that will help us be better stewards of the church’s funds.  
Congregational Meeting Being Livestreamed:
We are having a congregational meeting on Sunday, January 23 at 10:15am in the sanctuary.  The meeting will be livestreamed so that those who are unable to come can listen to the meeting take place.  Unfortunately, we cannot zoom this meeting where members on the livestream can have voice and vote.  We do not have that capability in the sanctuary.  Thus, to speak or vote a member will need to be present in the sanctuary at the meeting.  Below you will see the items to be discussed and voted upon:
  • To hold the annual meeting of the corporation
  • To receive the annual report of the church
  • To approve the Pastor’s terms of call
  • To elect a deacon to fill an unexpired term
Inclimate Weather and Worship:
Lastly, January brings colder weather and the potential for disruptions to worship.  In fact, this Sunday very well could be impacted by snow as forecasts are showing the potential for heavy amounts.  The Worship Committee met this past week and adopted a plan of action so that we can respond appropriately depending on the forecast and or impacts prior to or the day of worship.  If the weather is conducive to us gathering there will no change to worship or Sunday school.  However, if inclimate weather is apparent we will follow the following protocols:  
  • If it’s safe for staff members and volunteers that lead the livestream to get to church, there would be one worship service livestreamed at 11:00am.  We plan to alternate between our Traditional Service and First Light Services, meaning that the first Sunday impacted would be one style and the next would be the other.  Sunday school would be on Zoom at 10:00am.  
  • If it’s unsafe for staff members and volunteers that lead the livestream get to the church or even potentially get safely back home, we will only livestream the sermon on our YouTube channel at 11:00am.  Sunday school will take place on Zoom at 10:00am.  
Communication of any cancellation of in-person worship will be communicated through a congregational email, social media posts (Facebook & Instagram), posted on the church’s website, and will be posted on the  Please check these communications so that you will know if we are livestreaming a full service or only the sermon.  
As you can see there’s a lot to catch up on!  Our congregational meeting will provide more information regarding the operating budget for 2022 that was approved by the Session this week.  I look forward to seeing you in-person or online this Sunday.  Blessings!
Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jeff
Congregational Meeting – Sunday, January 23rd
10:15am in the Sanctuary
The Session has called a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, January 23 at 10:15am in the sanctuary for the following purposes:
  • To hold the annual meeting of the corporation
  • To receive the annual report of the church
  • To approve the Pastor’s terms of call
  • To elect a deacon to fill an unexpired term
We encourage your participation as we gather to receive news and vote on important issues regarding leadership in the church.  

Join us Sunday for Worship @ 8:45 &11:00am
Sunday school @ 10:00am

In Christ

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Philippians 3:4b-8
I Corinthians 1:26-31

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