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Here's what's been happening at Spindletop Center!

February 2020

We had a great time speaking with students at the Beaumont Independent School District College, Career and Military Readiness Fair!

Spindletop Center's Community Garden will be named after the historic Griffing brothers. These brothers ran an experimental nursery throughout Southeast Texas, including in what is now the Griffing Park neighborhood of Port Arthur, where the Community Garden will be located.

Spindletop Center is excited to announce a groundbreaking ceremony at our Griffing Park Community Garden. Please join us at 9:30 a.m. on March 19 at the garden site, 4440 Dryden Road in Port Arthur, for a ceremony and refreshments.

Attendees will need to park at the Memorial Stadium parking lot located at 2200 Jefferson Drive starting at 9 a.m. Spindletop Center will provide a shuttle to and from the Griffing Park Community Garden. Spindletop representatives and signs will signify where to park at Memorial Stadium.

Griffing Park Community Garden is a new project that will be taking shape over the next few years. The garden is intended to allow the community, including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to come together and grow food.

Plots will be available for rent to everyone, including members of the Port Arthur community.

Spring flowers will be available to community members at the event on a first-come, first-served basis. Donations for the garden and flowers are welcomed and appreciated.

Please join us in welcoming this garden to the neighborhood and to learn more about the project.

For more information about the groundbreaking, donating or getting involved with the Griffing Park Community Garden, contact the AmeriCorps VISTA team at

Thanks to KFDM for highlighting our partnership with the Port Arthur Police Department! Click the image to watch the segment.

We had a great time talking with students at the Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas Youth Career Expo yesterday at Ford Park!

For more information about their youth services, visit

Thanks to the Beaumont Business Journal for sharing the news of our collaboration with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office to host a 40-hour Mental Health Correctional Officer Course! The course took place January 27-31 and concluded with a site visit of Spindletop Center.

Thanks to the Port Arthur News for sharing the news of our collaboration with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office to host a 40-hour Mental Health Correctional Officer Course! The course took place January 27-31 and concluded with a site visit of Spindletop Center.

Our CHARM Program held a Mardi Gras celebration!

Thanks to the Garth House for coming by the Center for a tour to learn more about our programs and services!

The Garth House provides very important services for Southeast Texas in preventing child abuse and neglect and lessening the trauma to child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse during the investigative, prosecutorial and healing process.

For more information, visit

Here are new employees who started in February! Give them a warm welcome if you see them!

(Front Row Left to Right): Janika Vergin, Bianca Randle, Leeann Bertrand, Madalyn Jones, Maranda Moore, Alina Gallier, Jasmine Fricks, Bianca Moore
(Back Row Left to Right): Dorian Lewis, Khristie Wagner

(Front Row Left to Right): Latoya Guity, Linda Roy, Ciera Morgan, Marsha Bias, Jeanetta Price, Justin Thompson
(Back Row Left to Right): John Mulryan, Heather Strother, Robin LeBlanc, Misty Lawless, Carlee Reeves, Tristin Smith, Letisia Johnson

We had a great time talking with parents at the Big Thicket Cooperative's 2nd annual BTC Bridging the Gap parent training!

There are many Spindletop Center employees who have an inspiring story. One of those employees is an internal waiver auditor, Nekeisha Coates.

Nekeisha started working at the Beaumont State Center when she was in high school and fell in love with the environment. After graduating she decided to pursue to get her bachelor’s degree, but stopped attending college during her senior year.


“I chose to start working for Spindletop in 2001,” she said. “At that time I was the secretary for the supported employment department.”


Around 2005, Nekeisha Coates stepped out on faith and applied for a position as one of the first waiver auditors at Spindletop.


“I’m a person who likes to find errors and work with charts.”


Nekeisha attended American Intercontinental University for her bachelor’s and master’s degree. Nekeisha emphasized that having kids, working and attending college was stressful, but she could do anything her heart desired.


“The best career decision I’ve made was finishing my master’s degree in 2018.”


After returning to school and graduating, Nekeisha became a supervisor of her program.


She has had a physical disability for years now, but that has never stopped her from doing anything.


“At a young age, I was always one to see that no matter what, you can always do what you want to do. There is no such thing as I can’t. I look at the individuals that we work with here at Spindletop and I see there is always someone who can help you here.”


Nekeisha has a big support team, but she is really thankful for her boss who encourages her daily.


“My supervisor, Lisa Gibbs, probably doesn’t know it, but I look to her as a role model. She encourages me when I’m on my lows and has been the one to motivate me to do things that I probably didn’t see myself doing years ago.”

Click the image to watch our PSA from February!
Have you experienced trauma in your life?
Experiencing a traumatic event, such as a natural disaster, the death of a loved one or domestic violence, can cause feelings of fear, anger or sadness, and even lead to mental health issues.
Having a proper support system to help boost resiliency can prevent many long-term effects.
Try the helpful tips below to help cope with trauma.
Remember, you don't have to go through this alone.
For more information, call (409) 839-1000.
This message is brought to you by Spindletop Center, proudly promoting healthy living in our community.

Let’s get to know this month’s Thank You Thursday recipient a little bit better!
  1. What do you enjoy most about working at Spindletop Center? Spindletop has been a great organization to work for. I’ve been provided so many opportunities throughout my almost 25 years to learn, grow and succeed in my work. The Center and its leaders took a chance on me and that is an awesome thing for someone wanting to grow with a company.
  2. What is one fact about yourself that most people at Spindletop Center wouldn’t know? At one time, I was the infection control practitioner for our Center.
  3. What are your three favorite movies/TV shows? Treehouse Masters, Stranger Things and The Notebook.
  4. What’s something that you hope to cross off your bucket list in the near future? A trip to Ireland for sure. I’d like to sky dive, but I think someone would have to push me out of the plane to make that happen.
  5. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? I’d like to have a super power that made me slim, fit and strong. That way I never have to diet or exercise, wouldn’t that be great! (I know….. that’s a made up superpower, but you asked!)

Each month, we will highlight one of our programs or departments with photos and a description of what that program or department does.
This month, we're highlighting our Consumer Benefits Office (CBO)!

Debra Beckett (left), eligibility specialist, Crystal Tucker, eligibility specialist, Dana Morgan, consumer benefits coordinator, April Antwine, eligibility specialist

(Not pictured) Felicia McZeke, eligibility specialist, Leeann Bertrand, customer service representative

The Consumer Benefits Office assists all consumers Spindletop serves with the process of applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. The staff are trained to represent the consumers at the Administrative Law Judge level of the process and there is no fee to the consumers and no need for them to obtain an attorney. They also assist with applications for Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare Savings Programs and Medicaid Waiver applications. They are trained to give work incentive counseling to any consumer on disability who is considering returning to work and can explain how wages could affect their monthly checks and Medicaid or Medicare insurance benefits.

"My team works very hard to ensure that our consumers are well represented," Morgan said. "They know how important it is in the recovery of our consumers to have a monthly income, housing options and much needed medical insurance. They also understand the importance of our consumers having a billable source for our services and go above and beyond in their duties to ensure this is all possible for our consumers and our Center."

Spindletop Center's Job of the Week posts this month included Qualified Mental Health Professional, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Executive Assistant and Qualified Mental Health Professional!
To find out more about these positions, and all of our available positions, visit our job website and be sure to share with your friends and family!

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