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Here's what's been happening at Spindletop Center!

February 2021

Staff members held a bench dedication ceremony in memory of Dr. Charleston. The bench is located on Spindletop Center's South Campus. Staff shared memories of Dr. Charleston and held a balloon release. 

The bench reads:
"In Memory of Dr. W.H. Charleston
'900 years of time and space and I've never met someone who wasn't important' - Dr. Who"
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Stronger Together Flyer

Stronger Together Spindletop Cares
Stronger Together Spindletop Cares is a series of wellness calls, virtual support groups and other supports available FREE to the public to help our community cope in these uncertain times.

To learn more about how you can participate, please email today.

What is that crane doing at Spindletop Center?

With the ongoing renovations to one of our buildings on Spindletop Center's North Campus, a crane was brought in to help replace a chiller on the roof of the building.
Click the image above to watch our PSA from February!

In the spirit of the new year, now is the perfect time to focus on making your own mental health and wellness a top priority.

Remember that any form of physical activity is a great way to keep your body physically healthy, as well as improve your mental wellbeing. Smoking can have a negative impact on your overall health and good nutrition has a significant influence on the way we feel.

When you feel better, you do better.

Call us today to start your journey to becoming a healthier you.

This message is brought to you by Spindletop Center, proudly promoting healthy living in our community.

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Let’s get to know this month’s Thank You Thursday recipient a little bit better!

Helen has been a part of the Spindletop Center family for 2 years. In her role, she processes payroll and has some accounts payable duties.

Helen's supervisor notes that she is very dedicated and helpful in her crucial role at the Center.

“Helen is a very dedicated worker. She does her job very enthusiastically. She always finishes her responsibilities ahead of schedule. She is the first one to step up when needing help on a project. Being the one responsible to see that all staff are paid correctly and on-time is a very important role, and I could not ask for a better staff than Helen."

What do you enjoy most about working at Spindletop Center?
Being a part of a company that provides so many services that are helpful/needed within the community and my co-workers

What is one fact about yourself that most people at Spindletop Center wouldn’t know? 
I am a Star Trek fan. 

What are your three favorite movies/TV shows?
My favorite TV shows are The Good Doctor, This is Us, and  Star Trek (old and new)

What’s something that you hope to cross off your bucket list in the near future?
 I would like to go to Niagara Falls.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?  
My super power would be the ability to spread peace and understanding to everyone in hope to create a better world.

Meet Lisa Tran 

Lisa Tran is a LIDDA HCS Service Coordinator in Port Arthur and has worked for Spindletop Center since September 2019. She has also served a cumulative of 19 years in the Active Duty Navy and is currently in the Navy Reserves. Lisa was deployed in April 2020 in support of the COVID-19 pandemic.
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lisa found out, with only 48-hours' notice, that she was recalled to active duty to serve on the United States Naval Ship Comfort, then reassigned to New York City to assist at the Javits Center, which was used as a coronavirus patient medical facility. She was in charge of the radiology department, which was a department she was unfamiliar with, making it a challenge for her. She also served on the Force Preservation Council, ensuring the well-being of 500 deployed medical support Sailors. With the challenges of an unfamiliar department and 14-hour workdays, Lisa notes that it was crucial to practice self-care. To decompress from her days, she connected with her family, took time to be alone, and spoke with her colleagues daily.
After a two month-long stay in New York City, Lisa was transferred to Great Lakes, Illinois, which is where she remained for about four months. She lead an 81-member COVID-19 medical support team while in Illinois, which then relocated to Fort McCoy, WI, providing and coordinating medical support for Sailors prior to and while in boot camp. She also fulfilled administrative duties, including payroll activities for her staff.
“I felt like I took Spindletop with me,” said Lisa. “The practice of advocating and servicing our consumers was mirrored with our patient population and staff while I was deployed. Two different environments but the same values were put into place to fulfill the mission. I had only been with Spindletop Center for six months prior to deployment. The experience from Spindletop Center, although brief, was a valuable segue to better serve the citizens of NYC, the future of the Navy, and our medical team as we battled the COVID-19 pandemic.” Transitioning back to life in Southeast Texas and putting back on her Spindletop Center shirt took time. However, Lisa credits her IDD Service Coordination team and her supervisor, Jordan James, for making this transition easier. “This deployment and successful return to Spindletop Center is credited to the IDD Service Coordination team and Spindletop Center support staff. Jordan has been very supportive and accommodating. I was able to serve with a great support team.”
Thank you for your service, Lisa, and welcome back to Southeast Texas!
Meet Dolores Sennette

Dolores Sennette, who is a Beaumont native, is a retired educator, longtime sorority member and tax accountant. She earned both a bachelor's degree and master’s degree in chemistry and mathematics, after having a great STEM teacher growing up and always having an interest in sciences. Her first job was at UTMB Galveston, performing sickle cell anemia research. She went on to a 42-year long career in education in Southeast Texas, teaching chemistry, math, and physical science. She has also done educational consulting and worked as an Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) program coordinator for Beaumont ISD. During her time as an educator, Sennette was selected as Teacher of the Year by Texas A&M. Even though she is retired from her career in education, Sennette still maintains a tax planning and services business in Southeast Texas, which she has operated for 35 years.
Sennette has dedicated her life to her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, as a Golden Life Member. Her sorority focuses on public service initiatives, including a collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health raising awareness of mental health issues affecting women. She is a Delta Sigma Theta legacy, which means she has relatives who are members of the sorority, and she has been a member of the sorority for 66 years. In her sorority, she has served on the national level in various positions, and she is currently the co-chair of the National Ritual and Ceremonies Commission.
Sennette has served on Spindletop Center’s Board of Trustees since 2014. After serving on the board for Mental Health America of Southeast Texas for several years, she was invited to join Spindletop Center’s Board of Trustees by Jefferson County Commissioner Alfred. Sennette accepted that invitation so she could continue to serve as a voice for the Black community in the mental health environment. During her time as a Board member for Spindletop Center, she has enjoyed participating on the state and national level, attending conferences and workshops that expand her knowledge and help her as she contributes on our Board of Trustees. 
When asked what is something she wants Spindletop Center employees to know about her, Sennette responded, “Foremost and most importantly, I want Spindletop Center employees to know that I am an active learner and listener. I am dedicated to service. I will use my intellect, educational experiences and past work experiences to serve them through the Board of Trustees. I believe that we must press forward to understanding historical and new data as it relates to mental and physical health. We must accept the challenges to introduce new programs and enhance the current programs at Spindletop Center, and I will support the Board and employees in implementing them.”
Job of the Week
Spindletop Center's Job of the Week posts this month included HVAC Mechanic, Peer Specialist, Early Intervention Specialist, and Human Services Tech.

To find out more about these positions, and all available positions, visit our job website and share with your friends and family!
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Go Green this Spring!

The weather is warming up as springtime approaches, which means time for spring cleaning, gardening and spending more time outdoors! There are little things we can do in our homes to do our part in reducing waste, cleaning the air, and teaching our children the importance of preserving our natural resources and improving your family’s overall health.

Here are ideas for small green choices that we can make in our homes. Choose a few that you can incorporate into your daily routines to “go green!”

1. Plant a backyard garden. Choose fruits and vegetables that your family typically purchases at the store. It is fun to watch your garden grow, and gardening is great exercise. Planting a garden also helps children learn where food REALLY comes from. Some foods that are easy to start with, grow well in our area, and don’t take up much space are cucumbers, peppers, corn, eggplant and tomatoes.

2. Reduce plastic waste with reusable bags and water bottles. A small initial investment in these items will significantly decrease the amount of plastics in our landfills. Also, having a water bottle handy is a great reminder to stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Support your local economy by shopping at the Farmers Market. This helps support local farmers and ranchers, gives you the freshest meats and produce, and protects the environment. Food in the US travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate. All of this shipping uses a large amount of natural resources, contributes to pollution and creates trash with the extra packaging.

4. Donate to and shop at local thrift stores. You will be recycling usable items, supporting the local economy and saving money!

5. Save on energy! Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs, turn off the lights when leaving a room and unplug appliances you aren’t using. This will save money on your electric bill and save energy!

6. Clean green! Many natural products can replace commercial products. Baking soda can be used to deodorize carpets, and a mixture of vinegar and baking soda can be used to clean just about anything, from ovens to bath tubs, as an all-purpose cleaner.

7. Walk and bike more! For quick trips to the store, school or the office, consider walking or biking when the weather is nice. This will help the environment AND improve physical fitness.

8. Reduce your mail. Each year “junk mail” industries destroy about 100 million trees to bring you ads and offers that most of us throw away. Add your name to the DO NOT MAIL list by calling the Direct Marketing Association at 212-768-7277, opt out of credit card offers by visiting, and reduce the amount of unwanted catalogs you receive by visiting

9. Pack a lunch! This reduces the amount of non-recyclable waste created by takeout containers, and you will typically pack healthier options and leftovers (saving you money!). Bringing your lunch is less expensive, healthier and reduces the driving you would do on a daily basis.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms, varying from mild to severe. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. Symptoms can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Seek medical attention right away if you have any COVID-19 warning signs including persistent pain or pressure in the chest, trouble breathing, or bluish lips or face.

There may be other symptoms or warning signs. Call a doctor if you have any severe or concerning symptoms.

For more information about the coronavirus and updates related to Texas, be sure to visit

Here are photos of some of our staff members responsibly wearing their masks while working.

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