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Happy Thursday!

We’ve got a new Friday Nooner coming tomorrow, because that’s just how we roll. Joe and Pete will break down the week in tech in the Triangle and beyond. You can watch (and participate) on Facebook Live or Youtube Live.

Talk It Out

The pandemic has shone a much-overdue light on mental health issues and how much people can benefit from talking to a professional. But it’s still not always easy to find a therapist, or even know where to start. That’s where Raleigh’s Counsel Connect comes in. Founded by mental health professional Deondra Crudup, Counsel Connect’s platform brings together therapists and clients. The startup just received a $10K MICRO grant from NC IDEA. Read our full story on Counsel Connect here.


"Off" Duty

It turns out that a police officer working in full uniform might technically be “off duty,” in that they’re being paid and scheduled not by the police department, but by a third party. Think: the officers you might see working outside a baseball game or a special event. Founded by two ex-Marines, one of them a sheriff, Raleigh-based Off Duty Blue offers a SaaS platform for departments to schedule, pay for and otherwise keep track of such “off duty” shifts. That helps streamline paperwork, save costs, and provide increased accountability for departments and officers alike. Off Duty Blue is currently participating in the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP). Read our full story on the startup here.


Planetary Growth

Morrisville-based cybersecurity startup JupiterOne, which we wrote about in October shortly after it raised $19M in a Series A, has now closed on a fresh $30M in funding. Silicon Valley’s Sapphire Ventures led the round with participation from Bain Capital, which had led the Series A. Besides sounding like the title of a sci-fi movie, JupiterOne is a spin-out from LifeOmic, a SaaS company for the healthcare industry that’s HQ’d in Indianapolis but also has a Morrisville office. Speaking of Morrisville offices: JupiterOne Founder and CEO Erkang Zheng says the startup will be getting new digs in Morrisville as part of its plans to double headcount this year. See TechWire and TBJ for more.


Capital Progress

Raleigh-based ndustrial has raised $6M to buy a vowel, preferably a capital “I.” Kidding! The startup that uses machine learning to help industrial clients optimize operations and reduce energy costs is growing fast and will use the funds to almost triple its headcount over the next two years. CEO Jason Massey tells TBJ that ndustrial currently has 28 employees, and hopes to add 20 this year and 30 more in 2022. ENGIE New Ventures (which seems like it could spare a capitalized vowel, frankly) and Clean Energy Ventures led the round. See TechWire and TBJ for more details.


Moving On

Longtime Bandwidth CFO Jeff Hoffman, who has been with the company since 2011 and helped lead it through its IPO, has announced that he is stepping down Aug. 31 and will help in the search for his successor. The company took the opportunity of yesterday’s earnings call with investors to break the news, with Jeff speaking for himself and CEO David Morken singing his praises for his service. TechWire and TBJ have more info. And in other Bandwidth news, the company was named a "Leader" in cloud communications for the second straight year by the research firm IDC.


Veteran Help

We mentioned Bonsai, the career networking platform based in Raleigh and New York, in Tuesday’s newsletter after its $5.2M raise. Well, we’re back with more news: Bonsai is partnering with Patriot Boot Camp to make it easier for military veterans to connect with top entrepreneurs and business executives for career advice. Bonsai was introduced to Patriot Boot Camp through Google For Startups, which recently sponsored PBC’s two-day entrepreneurship boot camp. Bonsai is led by Raleigh-based serial entrepreneur Patrick Sullivan (CEO) and Jake Rosenfeld (COO).


Build Better

Dualboot Partners is a software development firm that helps ventures at all stages build great software and great companies. Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Dualboot Partners comes to each project with deep expertise in technology and business, as well as a commitment to supporting its clients well beyond the development process. The team offers advice and perspective—built over the course of hundreds of projects—and leverages its vast network to connect clients with investors, future hires and other resources critical in turning a concept into a successful venture. Intrigued? Email them here!


Extra Bit

If you want to feel a little better about how your day has gone, consider my morning. First, my car wouldn’t start. Bummer, but that wouldn’t interfere much with the immediate goal of getting the newsletter out; I could just work at home and then worry about the car after I hit “send.” Then, naturally, my power goes out. Duke Energy estimates an 11 a.m. return. OK, fine, so I call an Uber to go to my local Harris Teeter, which has a small Starbucks where I sometimes do some work these days because I can sit inside due to the grocery store loophole.
But the folks at my apartment complex office—I’d stopped in while waiting for the Uber to see if they had jumper cables, which of course they didn’t—say that Harris Teeter also has no power. Try the Super Target, they say, which also has a mini-Starbucks. Fine. While it turns out to be trickier to change the destination in Uber’s system than one might think, I get dropped off at the Super Target. No dice; they’re also out of power. I hoof it to a nearby-ish Chick Fil-A, which does have power, but its interior is closed. (You might have heard something about a global pandemic.) So I work outside at some tables, sitting on a chair that has a chain on it lest I steal it, next to rows of idling cars in a surprisingly busy Chick Fil-A drive-thru, all with no power. But that's O.K.; I can make this work.
Soon, though, the battery power for my computer and phone (which is serving as a hotspot) is starting to look dicey; am I going to last long enough? Right around then I get an alert from Duke Energy that the power in my area is back on. I decide to make a break for it! The Target won’t let anyone sit at its Starbucks, alas, so I compare my home to Harris Teeter as my next destination. Google Maps says that the Harris Teeter is slightly closer (0.7 mi vs. 0.9 mi), and besides, I’ll be slightly better positioned to grab lunch post-newsletter and make a plan for the car while gulping down comfort food. (In an unrelated story I also have the appointment for my second vaccine shot this afternoon, so there will be more Ubers in my near future.) I hoof it to the Harris Teeter and make the mini-Starbucks my own. That’s where I am now. It’s great when a plan comes together!


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Kyle Weiner is this week’s winner for correctly identifying the location as Soca in Raleigh. Sayeth Kyle: “I am an engineering student at NC State University and I am going to finish my degree and graduate this month!” Kyle’s pic shows him celebrating while working from home, though we can’t help but wonder if he’s bought those flowers for his mom. (Final reminder: Mothers Day is Sunday!) I also offered to help find Kyle a job, but he says he has one lined up already and will be working in RTP. Congrats on both the mug and the job, Kyle!
We also have a second bonus pic below. That’s Steve Klein, who won the auction for our “Pete” NFT with the proceeds going to support the North Carolina Museum of Art, posing with a print of his digital masterpiece. Not pictured: me walking awkwardly down the street in broad daylight carrying an oversized, stylized depiction of my own head.

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