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Community - 3rd Offbeat issue
A complete guide for building a mentorship program ➜

If you're currently building a mentorship program and don't know where to start, this guide might serve you well. Together with 8 other L&D professionals, we put together a step-by-step plan, from defining your why, to program structure, marketing and measuring your program.
Communities of practice. A case study ➜

You are not alone. And colleagues in your organization aren't as well. Instead of struggling by themselves, creating communities of practice around different interests might come as a breath of fresh air. Anamaria Dorgo told me the story of L&D Shakers and the lessons she got out of building the community.
A down-to-earth talk about Learning & Development automation ➜

How many Excels are you currently using? If you're like us, the answer is many! But it doesn't have to be this way. Moving data from one sheet to another doesn't have to be an L&D task. To serve your purpose, automation comes to the rescue, and Letitia Stefan, CEO of NiftyLearning tells you everything you want to know about it.
Why caring should be in the center of your L&D stakeholders’ management? ➜

One of our many jobs as L&D professionals is to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to our initiatives. But who's everyone? And what do they need to know. Anna Bejgrowicz explores the topic of stakeholder management with great passion to answer these questions.
Onboarding – an event or a journey? ➜

The purpose of your onboarding process is twofold: performance readiness and employee experience. Tanja Kovacevic talks about how to achieve both, look through lenses to personalize onboarding, engage managers, and measuring the impact of your onboarding process.
Beyond the Subject Matter Specialist – seven creative ways to find evidence of a learning need ➜

Is there another way to assess learning needs other than interviewing managers and employees? Yes, of course. And not just one, but seven. And Apoorva Mathur took the time to talk about them all in this new Offbeat issue.
Overheard on LinkedIn
People managers are being asked to do more today than ever before, so it’s important that L&D pros be strategic about how and when they partner with managers. 

- lauriemoot
L&D Newsroom
If you've attended other Humu webinars you know by now they are short and sweet. On April 15 they are preparing a new one to explore a scientific approach of building a purpose-driven culture.
When your budget is tight, ideas are more than welcome. Even if your lucky enough to have a generous budget, these ideas might still work. The one I find most inspiring and easy to deploy is Dragon's Den, where people in your organization can pitch their ideas to managers once a month.
How should a modern-age L&D team look like? Well, it should embrace various roles like Content Curators, Content Creators, Learning Experience Designers, or Comms & Engagement. Also, some skills you might need as well vary from Data Analysis, Learning Tech, and although not in this article, I would add strong Project Management skills.
Many of those who filled the survey to receive personalized resources according to their needs, expressed interest in building new manager training. I think this resource points to the most important things you should look out for.
Although not particularly an L&D-related resource, still one of value I wanted to share. Roi Ben-Yehuda put together an article about why storytelling is so important and a framework you can use to tell your stories: "And, But & Therefore".
I met Alison Lee a couple of days ago, as I'm helping out with a course she's putting together and will launch soon. She shared with me some pretty cool resources from Kenjo, all pretty interesting. This one is a step-by-step guide to build a useful performance management system.
Putting together the values of your company is never easy and can become even more of a challenge when you have no idea where to start. This is the story of how Lattice went through brainstorming and a decision-making process to come up with their values.
MIT Sloan Review continued this week their Future of Workplace Learning Series with a pretty interesting topic: the link between learning and inclusion. They did an interview with KeyAnna Schmiedl, head of culture and inclusion at Wayfair, and talked about the relationship between culture and inclusion and organizational learning, how L&D contributes to broader culture and inclusion efforts, and other pretty interesting DEI subjects.
So many cool topics explored in one report. Those I found most interesting? How to develop relationships digitally, Building emotional intelligence one company at a time, and Boosting engagement in a future of distance learning.
Thanks to Anna McCarron, Tijana Kovacevic,, Andrei Szatmari, Carmen Calin, Katrina Potts, Alejandro Ramirez Mayorga, Berlearn, Kate Yang, Olla Jongerius, Anamaria Dorgo for sharing Offbeat in the past week.

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