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What's It All About?

Lots of things in the Bible are confusing or open to many interpretations. But one thing that is crystal clear is the thing that should be crystal clear: What must I do to inherit eternal life? 

Jesus himself is asked that question and his answer is simple: Love. Love God and your neighbor as yourself. The man asking tries to make it more complicated: “But who is my neighbor?” Jesus is having none of it and tells an uncomfortable parable about a Samaritan to drive the point home. 

Paul also makes us uncomfortable if we can read 1 Corinthians 13 without thinking of weddings or funerals. Paul begins that chapter by telling us if we don’t love, all our religious language and grand sacrifices are like a noisy gong. And then he ends with the surprising statement that when comparing the value of faith, hope, and love that the greatest of the three is love. 

According to Paul, love is greater than faith. Let that sink in. It’s another way of saying what Jesus said when answering the question of how to inherit eternal life. The answer wasn’t to profess faith but to practice love. We’ll be looking at both those passages on Sunday: 1 Corinthians 13 and Luke 10: 25-37. Join us live on Zoom or catch up later on YouTube.



Pastor Anne

Never Forget
This was the altar at St. John's UMC in Dover, NH on the Sunday after Sept. 11. Created by Barbara Starkey Johnson, it was the perfect piece for the day--taking the broken and twisted and creating sacred space for our grief, horror, and unanswerable questions.(Credit Pastor Anne Robertson's Facebook Page)
Thank You!
Thank you to Warren Butt, Frank Leathers, Brian Rogers, and Colin Simson for helping to get our new tent up in time for last Sunday’s service and for getting us set up and ready to go that morning. Also thank you to Joanne Hobson, Pam Reeve, Kim Burke, Jessica and Greta Rubenstein, and Leslie Tracey for your help before and during the service. Lastly, thank you to all those who came, brought food for the Food Pantry, and blessed the ground. Check out this short video of the highlights of the morning. 
Livestream by Leslie Tracey and footage edited by Jan Kratochvil owner of Custom Video Productions. 
We Hear You!
The message at and after the Blessing of the Ground service came through loud and clear: “We want to gather outdoors more than once a month!”

There are some obstacles to making this happen immediately, because we have to balance both our human and financial resources. We want to keep a meaningful online service for those who enjoy connecting that way, even as we add in-person opportunities. But we have a proposal on the table and are hard at work trying to find our way around the various issues.

The good news is that you can help be the answer to your prayers for weekly outdoor worship. We have the tent (thank you, Trustees!) but we also need an upgraded sound system and volunteers—from tech specialists in audio/video to liturgists to altar prep to setup and takedown crews. With enough volunteers, some extra funding, and the right tech equipment and expertise, we can multiply worship opportunities across the board without overloading an already overburdened staff.

Want to help make it a reality? Make an extra donation or contact Pastor Anne or the church office to volunteer your services. There’s lots of good weather ahead—who doesn’t love fall in New England? Help us make it happen.
Pastor Anne is hosting both virtual and in-person opportunities for hour-long meet and greets so that she can get to know members of the congregation better and you can get to know her. These will be held at several times on Fridays (morning and evening) and on Saturday mornings throughout the month of September.
Each session will be limited to 8 people and you can click the link below to sign up for a spot. She wants to meet the children and youth of Crawford, too! If the times all fill up, we’ll add more. If none of the days/times work for you or if you would like to set up a private time to meet, drop her an email at or call the parsonage number at 781-729-0139 and she’ll work that out with you directly.
Meet the Pastor Sign Up Link!
ZOOM: Click on Sunday at 10:00AM to View Worship Live!
YOUTUBE: Click on Sunday at 10:00AM to View Worship! (Not Live)
Missed Pastor Anne's Sermon? SERMONS ONLY PAGE IS NOW LIVE!
Sunday Worship by Phone.  Please call 1 929 436 2866 and when prompted use meeting ID: 441 114 9782. Password is: 079415
Click Here to Sign Up for the 10AM Outdoor Service! Your Safety Is Our Priority!
We will also have a special appearance from Occasional Brass and Strings! More details next week!

NOTE: ***If you are unable to make it in person-Pastor Anne will post a pre-recorded video about the particular blessing for each Sunday, why we're doing what we're doing, and how you can participate at home!

All blessing services will be available by LIVESTREAM on Facebook and highlights will be available for replay on Youtube. 

***Tent available for inclement weather. Also please bring an umbrella and an outdoor chair just in case!
  • October 4:  Blessing of the Animals. All creatures are welcome at this special service as long as they are under appropriate restraint. Cats and rats, Dogs and hogs, horses and llamas, hamsters and hermit crabs, parakeets and pet piranhas—if you can control it, you can bring it and Pastor Anne will bless them all individually by name. You don’t need masks for the critters, but you will need yours! Come and invite your friends. Want to help with this event? Contact Pastor Anne to be part of the team to help plan, to help that day, or to help advertise.
Children! Youth! Families!
Greetings to all.  You should have received an email last Friday from me, Jessica, with information about our programs and offerings this fall. If you did not receive this email or if you know someone who would like to be sent information or downloadable materials (weekly Bible stories, discussion and service opportunities, crafts for your kids, and youth group zoom and in person meeting info), please contact me!  

Parents: If you have questions or would like more information about how you can be involved in providing great materials and social interaction for our young people, please contact a member of the Christian Education Committee or Jessica.  We can always use more volunteers!

Kids and youth: Would you like to participate in our online worship services? We would love to have you tell a story, read a favorite book, show us your craft project, perform music - let me know and I will come record you, or you can video yourself and send it to Leslie (music) or me (anything else).
Youth: The picnic tables at the front of the church are there for you to use! Please feel free to bring your lunch and friends any time but please be sure to clean up afterwards.  Watch email and facebook for information about when your group will be gathering virtually or in person.

Families: Watch for information about all age service projects we will be offering soon in conjunction with our Missions Committee.  In the meantime, please walk by our new Free Pantry and let Brian Rogers or me know if it needs replenishing. Better yet, bring a can of food and add it to our offerings!

And best wishes to all of you who are returning to school, be it hybrid, remote, asynchronous or synchronous!  

Jessica Rubenstein
Resources for Talking about Race, Racism and
Racialized Violence with Kids
I was privileged to be part of an online forum this summer featuring fellow parents, educators, and child development experts about how to talk with children about racial injustice and violence again people of color. Here are resources that may help you prepare for conversations, and ideas about how to model anti-racist behavior. The document will continue to be updated through the fall. 

Please see the resources be clicking here. 

Jessica Rubenstein
Children, Youth and Families Minister
“The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is a people…” Remember that song? It’s true. Just because we can’t be inside the building right now doesn’t mean that Crawford isn’t alive and kicking. But the challenges posed by the pandemic require new ways to keep the church (which is the people of Crawford) connected and engaged.
Contact the church office at to sign up!
Sign Up To Record Sunday Readings!
Can You Record A Three Minute Video?

Do you live in a beautiful spot or plan on visiting one? Every Sunday in our online worship is a three-minute video of a natural setting during which people are invited to pray, meditate, or just let the sights and sounds of the natural world wash over weary souls. We have been using stock video for this, but it would be wonderful to have our own and are looking for volunteers to record some.

You don’t have to have a drone sweeping over mountains (although if you have that, we won’t say no!), but if you could spare three minutes in a lovely spot at the water, or in the woods, or at the edge of a field and just film it—not a slick production, just the soothing effect of letting a beautiful scene sink in for three minutes—we would love to be able to plug those videos into our online worship. It might be three minutes of a star-filled sky.

If you capture the sounds of rushing water, the twitter of birds, or the chirping of crickets, that’s great. But if the sound doesn’t match the sight, we can put lovely music behind it. We’ll provide a portal for you to upload the video and then our tech team will use it on a Sunday morning. We’re looking for the sights and sounds of all seasons and any time of the day or night.

Contact Leslie or Pastor Anne if you have something we can use or if you want more information.

The Dwelling Place

Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church, 34 Dix St, has opened    the first Micro Pantry in Winchester.

There are more people in Winchester who need food assistance than we imagine. In response, Crawford Church put up a Micro Pantry. It is on church property next to the driveway off 34 Dix Street. The pantry is stocked with non-perishable food. Anyone who wants food is welcome to freely take whatever they want from the pantry at any time. The pantry is never closed.

If you are fortunate to be able donate food, please leave it on the front porch of the church building. The food will be used to stock the micro pantry and the rest will be brought to the Food Pantry serving Winchester residents. In this time when so many communities are torn apart, Crawford Church is reaching out to our community to encourage those who have more than enough to share, in love and generosity, with those who do not have enough, serving our brothers and sisters in need.

Brian Rogers
Click here to "Flatten the Curve" with Your Recurring Gift
Please show your enthusiasm and support for the vision of Crawford by setting up a recurring gift at any amount that you choose! This will help our giving remain consistent from month to month across the year. You are appreciated and we want to create more opportunities for you and your families!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:21 (ESV)

Please keep in prayer… The following are people who are either in our community or whose names have been shared by people in our community.  Whether we know their need or not, God knows.  Please pray for each one as you are able.

If you would like to submit prayers or update the prayer list, please send to Sherry at 

The Upper Room: You may now access the Upper Room online! Click here to get your devotionals.

If you would like a hard copy, they are also available at the front of the church. 


September Birthdays!

September 2

  Mary White

September 5

  Liam Strachan 

September 6

  Sandra Lawson

September 14

  Brian Rogers

September 15

  Kyle Miller

September 15

  Lauren Miller

September 18

  Roy Lawson

September 25

  Randy Bairnsfather

Pictures from Blessing of the Ground!
For more pictures from Blessing of the Ground click here!
This Week's Music Meditation Moment
Blessed Be Your Name

Blessed be the name of the Lord. Though we walk through the wilderness we can find comfort in the name of God!

Music Minister-Leslie Tracey
Call for Submissions
Thank you for all of your submissions! If you would like to brighten the lives of our community with snippets of joy from your week, or have any church announcements please send to Leslie at by Thursday 10AM!
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