2020: an overview

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Dear <<First Name/Nome>>,
we are already in 2021! What a year we have just passed, with a lot of challenges and satisfactions, with laughs and difficulties.

For me and my music it's a privilege to publish my CDs with Da Vinci Classics. With my last CD "Franz Schubert: L'Enchantement Retrouvé"I was awarded during the first edition of Global Music Awards 2020 as the only Italian pianist in the instrumentals/instrumentalist category.
The 2020 ended with an amazing news for me: I was awarded at the second edition of Global Music Awards 2020 for the "Franz Liszt: Les Harmonies de l'Esprit" CD in the instrumentals/instrumentalist category and for the video "Franz Liszt: Consolation N. 2" in the live performance category.

I would like to share with you my year in review, because I think that in a sort of manners these achievements are also yours.

And now, we must look ahead and make finally possible to meet on stage!


Caro/a <<First Name/Nome>>,
siamo già nel 2021! Che anno abbiamo appena trascorso, con tante sfide e soddisfazioni, tra risate e difficoltà.

Per me e la mia musica è un privilegio pubblicare i miei CD con Da Vinci Classics. Con il mio ultimo CD, "Franz Schubert: L'Enchantement Retrouvé", sono stata premiata durante la prima edizione dei Global Music Awards 2020 come unico pianista italiano nella categoria strumentale/strumentista.
Il 2020 si è concluso con una notizia strepitosa per me: sono stata premiata anche nella seconda edizione dei Global Music Awards 2020, per il CD "Franz Liszt: Les Harmonies de l'Esprit" nella categoria instrumentals/instrumentalist e per il video "Franz Liszt: Consolation N. 2" nella categoria live performance.

Vorrei condividere con voi il mio anno in rassegna, perché penso che in un certo senso questi traguardi siano anche i vostri.

E ora dobbiamo guardare avanti e rendere finalmente possibili i concerti dal vivo!

Un caro saluto,
Ingrid 🎹

In 2020, Ingrid Carbone has been awarded 3 times by the Global Music Awards!

Both her CDs, “Les Harmonies de l’Esprit” with Liszt music and the one dedicated to Schubert, “L’Enchantement Retrouvé” received the Bronze Medal for the instrumentals/ instrumentalist category.
Also, her live performance of Franz Liszt: "Consolation N. 2" has impressed the jury and she has been awarded for this recording too.

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The music of Ingrid Carbone has been acclaimed by International specialized media.

Her CDs have garnered critical acclaim. Here you can find a selection:

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Radio & Interviews

Don’t miss the latest interviews and radio programs to know better Ingrid Carbone and her music.

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Discover the 2020 concerts and watch them online!

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- July 23 | Cosenza (Italy) – Villa Rendano

Articles (in Italian)

Some articles about Ingrid Carbone music and production:

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Happy Birthday, Beethoven!
2020 has been the Beethoven 250th anniversary. Listen to my personal tribute.
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