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What strikes you as beautiful?

““Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine
are hard to beat.””

― Laura Ingalls Wilder

"Women & Springtime " 
Zeynep Ergincan
paintings and ceramic tiles
May 1 -  28, 2022
Flower Fields 

acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16"
in black wood float frame, 22" x 18"

What is it about Zeynep Ergincan's bold, simple compositions that is so enchanting?

In putting together this show we've had some time to think about it. The theme which she chose for her solo exhibition, "Women & Springtime", is a very apt one for the sort of serene beauty which Zeynep's art offers us.

Contemplation, Comfort, Companionship
Like much of Zeynep's work, the subject matter of this exhibit is nostalgic.

When she was a child in Iznir, Turkey, her mother was often busy, so she was often looked after by her aunts, older teenagers or young adults at the time. She had a great deal of affection and admiration for them. "They were my idols," she says emphatically. The young women portrayed in this exhibit are comfortable with themselves and their lot in life, relaxed, capable of making the most of an afternoon of leisure.

Zeynep's wonderfully balanced compositions are quite unique. While drawing on a folk art style, they are unmistakably modern,  stylish and unpretentious.

So much of modern art is about tension, motion, striving and change, but these works are the opposite. In particular, thematic pursuits of "women" as subjects in art are often about sensuality or fecundity. Not here. These are scenes of women enjoying solitary moments of contentment, or the delights of companionship. 

And the flower motif so prominent in Zeynep's composition isn't especially symbolic. These flowers are simply bits of brightness. As viewers we find ourselves enjoying them the same way we enjoy flowers in our environment, as welcome bursts of colour that encourage us to carry on with our lives with appreciation and delight.
Tea Time in the Garden 
acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24"
Fireflies (detail) 
acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36"
City Tour 
acrylic on canvas, 40" x 20"
and Composition

Zeynep often draws upon a balanced composition. Her elegant and often nearly symmetric compositions bring us into a sense of calm and repose, a sense that the world is, at least for the moment, proceeding as it ought to be.

Perhaps nowadays that's only an illusion, but if so, it's an illusion that our souls are craving! It's perhaps better to think of these moments of tranquility as respites rather than escapes. Zeynep's art can be seen as a reminder to savour the moments of calm that come our way.


acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"
in black wood float frame, 18" x 22"

Ceramic tiles
As an artist originally hailing from the heartland of Turkish ceramics, it's little surprise that Zeynep has taken a keen interest in ceramics. While she has done a few works in a traditional vein, most of her ceramic work is done in a unique personal style. 

The compositional features that are so delightful in her paintings are also seen in her tiles. Most of the tiles are mounted on ready-to-hang wooden boards, on which she extends a motif of the tile with creative hand-painted borders.

These unique small pieces have been quite sought after by our clientele. We are delighted to have a good stock of them. Here are some examples.
Lace and Blue Birds 
ceramic tile on handpainted wood, 8" x 8"
Seeds of Spring 
ceramic tile on handpainted wood, 6" x 6"
City Bird
ceramic tile on handpainted wood, 8" x 8"
ceramic tile on handpainted wood, 8" x 8"
Cat and Woman
ceramic tile on handpainted wood, 10" x 10"
About Zeynep

Zeynep Ergincan came to our attention in the very earliest days of our gallery, when we put out a call for tulip art to coincide with Ottawa's tulip festival. Her artistic roots in Turkey leave the tulip as a consistent motif in her work.

Zeynep is originally from the Aegean town of Izmir, Turkey. Before settling down in Ottawa, she lived in Meersburg, Germany, for two years, which influenced her by its architecture and landscape.
A graduate of Ottawa School of Art who also holds an MSc in Microbiology, she started her art career painting landscapes in watercolour but quickly switched to acrylics to obtain better contrast with complementary colours. She later added ceramics as another medium to her portfolio.

She likes vivid colours, and tries to increase their impact by using contrasts. Her work also delights with its composition and textures.
The subjects in Zeynep's works are imaginary,  influenced by her memories, recent or long past. Her purpose in art is to capture happy memories before they slowly fade away. Through her art, she hopes to express the inner child to achieve a few moments of joy.
Zeynep joined Electric Street Gallery as a guest artist for our first theme show, the Tulip Art Festival, in 2020. Her ceramic tiles, with a folk art influence of the tulip motif from the Anatolian decorative tradition, were a favourite in the show. We then invited her to become a regular gallery artist. Electric Street Gallery is now very pleased to represent her.

The photo shows Zeynep posing by the commemorative pillar representing Turkish ceramic art, a gift from the Turkish Embassy, which stands not far from the gallery in Rideau Falls Park.
Meet the Artist!
Now that the weather has improved a bit, we're looking to restart our meet-the-artist events on our tiny lawn on Friday evenings. Zeynep Ergincan will be joining us for the first 2022 event.
Meet Zeynep Ergincan at the Gallery
Friday May 9
5 PM - 8 PM
299 Crichton Street at Electric Street
New Edinburgh, Ottawa

Coming Soon: Yet Another Tulip Art Festival
Until the Last Minute 

Clara Kim
acrylic on canvas, 20" x 24"


Ottawa's famous Canadian Tulip Festival is closely tied to the history of our gallery. 

When we signed the lease in February 2020, we didn't expect to be opening into a long pandemic!

But we adapted. Not only did we open as a 100% online business, we opened into a very subdued springtime. You'll recall that the public health advice was extremely conservative at first. The tulips were popping up, but the Tulip Festival was cancelled, and Ottawans were actively discouraged from visiting them!

So we thought to soften the blow with tulip themed art. We sought as many artists as we could find who could contribute to a tulip themed exhbit online and in the gallery's large street-facing picture windows. 
Tulips have a long history in art, and of course Ottawans are especially fond of them, so we had quite a few participants!

It was a success, and it launched our business. (Our featured artist Zeynep Ergincan was among the artists participating in that first event.)

We are continuing this tradition. We will be holding our third annual Tulip Art Exhibit this May 13 - May 23, simultaneously with the Canadian Tulip Festival.

Keep an eye out for it. It's always great fun!
Please Visit Us!
Online photographs can't do art full justice. We encourage you to come by and have a look to get the full impact of these marvelous artworks. 

We're located just off the Rideau Pathway, so wander by on your urban hike or ride, take in the glorious spring foliage, and have a peek at our display windows while you're in the neighbourhood! 


NEW Spring / Summer Hours 

1 PM - 7 PM Thursdays 
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1 PM - 7 PM Saturdays

We look forward to seeing you!
As always, we try to keep the gallery windows interesting for passers-by.

Curbside pickup and local delivery (within the city limits) remain available.  
We also can ship many of our pieces within North America.

We and our artists greatly appreciate
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