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What strikes you as beautiful?
"I have always thought that these tulips must have had names. They were red, and orange and red, and red and orange and yellow, like the ember in a nursery fire of a winter's evening. I remember them."
- Neil Gaimann
Dow's Lake, Ottawa  by Beata Jakubek
acrylic on canvas; 8" x 8"


Tulip time has arrived, and with it, our third annual Tulip Art Festival

It's always fascinating to see how multiple artists interpret a specific theme, and our tulip show has turned out to be an especially fine subject for this, as so many Ottawa artists naturally take an interest in the subject.

This year we have interpretations of tulips by no less than seventeen artists! Comparing their visions of this ancient theme is endlessly fascinating. Of course, we think it's as worth a visit as Dow's Lake itself, and we hope you'll consider making it as much a spring tradition as visiting the live tulips!

Here are a few examples:

The Sun Makes Things Beautiful by Amanda Schwabe

acrylic on canvas; 10" x 10"

Last Stand by Lynda Turner

acrylic on canvas; 12" x 12"

Until the Last Minute by Clara Kim

acrylic on canvas; 20" x 24"

"The grass is green.
The tulip is red.
A ginger cat walks over
The pink almond petals on the flower bed.
Enough has been said to show
It is life we are talking about."

- Stevie Smith, in Scorpion and Other Poems
Thinking about Tulips and Tulip Art

Photos: Naturetrek

We had quite a lot to say about tulips and art last year in a pair of newsletters on the subject. If you're new to our newsletter, or you're interested in reviewing the discussion, please have a look at them!

Second Annual Tulip Art Festival (with a history of tulips in art)



The photos above show a few of the vast variety of the wild tulips of Central Asia, the ancestors of the plants we know and love today. and

Women and Springtime ~
The Art of Zeynep Ergincan



Garden by Zeynep Ergincan

acrylic on canvas; 16" x 20"

Afternoon Tea by Zeynep Ergincan

acrylic on canvas; 16" x 20"

Seeds of the Spring by Zeynep Ergincan

ceramic tile on hand-painted wood; 6" x 6"

As featured in our previous newsletter, we are currently exhibiting the charming artwork of Zeynep Ergincan, who brings together the old and the new in her traditionally influenced yet creative works in paint and ceramics. Zeynep's bold, vibrant palette, balanced careful compositions, and nostalgic themes combine to create a warm, cheerful, optimistic mood.

This exhibit continues through the end of the month.

Zeynep Ergincan poses next to a monument erected by the Embassy of Turkey near Rideau Falls.  The plaque reads:

"The style of tile shown here dates back to the 16th century, and originates in the town of Iznik, a centre for ceramics in Turkey. Tiles such as these are representative of the cultural and artistic treasures of the Ottoman Empire. Tulips originated in Turkey, and were a common theme in Turkish art."
Sunflowers for Ukraine Benefit
We are also continuing our benefit for Ukraine through the end of the month. We have been selling sunflower-themed art generously donated by our artists and have collected $6254 to date for the UNHCR for the benefit of refugees in the conflict in Ukraine.  We have contributions by seven artists available within the benefit, as well as sunflower themed greeting cards. All proceeds go to Ukrainian refugee relief.

Sunflower Delight by Susan Reiter

oil on canvas; 8" x 8"

Come and visit!
We're located just off the Rideau Pathway, so wander by on your urban hike, visit the geese, take in the spring scenery, and stop by Rideau Falls and look for the Turkish art monument! Then come by and have a peek at our display windows while you're in the neighbourhood! 

We and our artists greatly appreciate your support
of local galleries and local artists!
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