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Hey <<First Name>>, Welcome back to The Sunday Summary, a collection of insights and my behind the scenes from the past week.

On Friday evening I picked up a Brazilian couple from Heathrow who wanted to go to a hotel in Bayswater.  Diverting and using the A40 (as the A4 has serious traffic on the Great West Road due to roadworks) I saw a billboard for the new series of Alan Partridge's "The Oasthouse". I instantly placed myself in the mind of may passengers and thought;  wow, to my passengers Alan Partridge isn't a fictional character, and it could easily be a real person advertising their new Audible podcast.  A bit of a different way of looking at the world.

💂🏻‍♀️ Some London experiences:
Imperial War Museum & Tate Britain
Steins Berlin - Exhibition Road
A catch up with family; visiting IWM and Tate Britain.  Somehow I missed the section of Berlin Wall last time I visited, so here’s a photo of my dad next to it. Also finally visited Steins on Exhibition Road. If you love german beer and cuisine this is well worth a visit! Sadly the pork knuckle was sleeping until 20:00 but the schnitzel was fabulous!

🎧 My favourite podcast of the week:
Dapper Laughs: How Being Cancelled Made Me Millions
Any creators' worst fear; being cancelled. Dapper shares how he was cancelled and more importantly how he has since built himself back up and is in a far greater position than before. It’s an inspiring listen of someone who could have very easily thrown in the towel! And how it was "a way of life checking that you can handle the good that may be coming".

🎧 An Audible original I'm loving:
From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast (Series 2)
Thoroughly enjoyed season one and this certainly doesn’t disappoint. Such a good use of the audio medium and amazing how Partridge never grows old, if anything Coogans character is maturing like a fine whiskey.  If you’re a Partridge fan, what’s not to love.

🍰 Happy Birthday to me!:
Today is my 31st birthday! I've had a lovely day in Cambridge (not London I know!) with my girlfriend Katelyn!

📹  New on YouTube this week:

Tuesday - A Working Week in MY LONDON Taxi - (2 of 5)
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