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Hey <<First Name>>, Welcome back to The Sunday Summary, a collection of insights and my behind the scenes from the past week.

🙅🏼‍♂️ A YouTube failure:
Free Directions

Last week with he help of editor Logan, we attempted to film an idea I had some time. London cabbie gives away free directions. Somewhat inspired by a drawing by cabbie Glen Marquis (@beluckydesigns), it was a lockdown cabbie offering free directions for food. I took to the streets of London with a sign made over a year ago (taking up precious living room space at the dismay of my girlfriend).  Sadly, people weren’t as receptive as I thought. Whether it was having a camera and microphone present, or the notion of providing something for “free” on the streets of London.  People who were clearly lost, looking at signage and maps, didn’t quite want to engage.

So binned the sign and we worked on some shorts content, which I will be bringing to you soon.

🤪 A stupid project I've begun:
Every blue plaque in London
Inspired by my challenge with Tom Scott, I’m aiming to learn every single blue plaque in London. There’s over 950 and extending in the suburbs (including Croydon!).  This again will be a video feature for the channel.

🥿 A cosy new purchase:
RockDove Men's Nomad Slipper with Memory Foam

My last pair of slippers were a serious hazard (the memory foam compressed, they kept sliding off whilst descending the stairs). I also always have cold feet, so needed to mitigate that also. I purchased these potentially overpriced pair from Amazon. Can safely say that they haven’t tried to kill me yet and they get my feet nice and toasty.

📺 No upload this week unfortunately

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Please feel free to reach out to me with your; comments, concerns or just general conversation.  
I'd love to know what you're up to or what you might be working on! 📝😁

Have a great week everyone!

Just as a side note, any Amazon links featured that you purchase (or go on to buy another product from Amazon), I get a small affiliate revenue from. It all goes towards supporting my creative efforts, so thank you 😊  
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