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Hey <<First Name>>, Welcome back to The Sunday Summary, a collection of insights and my behind the scenes from the past week.

🏰 A Disney update:
This time last week, I was driving home from Disneyland Paris after a truly Magical Children’s Taxi Tour.  I honestly can’t wait to do this again next year.  Part social, part heart warming activity with family, with a few amusements sprinkled in. It was an honour to have taken part, and incredible to see the logistics and planning involved (how do you fill up 120 vehicles in a convoy?). I will be making a video of this incredible trip, and sharing my insight from it.

🎧 An audiobook I'm loving:
Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don't Make Sense
From, why does toothpaste have stripes in it, to “why do people drink red bull when it tastes disgusting”. This book even provided an insight into the taxi trade I never even thought about; “why do London cabbies give their first ride for free?”. It’s almost in the category of life changing for the ability to help you approach familiar problems in a new light, and the delivery of the narration is superb!

🚕 I've re-opened my tour bookings:
Highlights Tour - Tom's Taxi Tour

My bread and butter tour, London Highlights is a 4 hour scavenge of the most popular sights in London. It’s ideal for those who are fairly new to London, or who want a refresher of all the highlights in one go, from the comfort of the taxi.  It combines driving and walking to sights to get the most out of the experience (and dependant on weather of course). Stay tuned because as I will be launching a hidden gems/not central London tour in the near future.

🚕 A taxi feature:
Broaden Your Horizons (feat Tom the Taxi Driver) - WizAnnCast 
In this episode, Paul Byron (HP Taxi Rental) and I speak about the different people in the trade who do more than just cab driving. In hindsight, there’s plenty of people missed out in this conversation. But it was a nice discussion about rental garages, social media and the taxi trade in general. I hope to join in with their podcasts again in the future.

📹  On YouTube this week:

A Week in My LONDON Taxi - Monday (Part 1 of 5)
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