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Hey <<First Name>>, Welcome back to The Sunday Summary, a collection of insights and my behind the scenes from the past week.

🏍️  Not a London experience:
Gran Canaria
Last week I spent the week away in Gran Canaria, my first holiday of a more than a few days since visiting South Africa back in 2020/2021. Initially believing it would be a beach and pool holiday, a chance to relax. Oh how wrong I was, it turns out that I find it difficult to stop.  Wether that’s exploring somewhere new, reading a book, devouring podcasts or even working on the YouTube channel. My highlight, my girlfriend and I rented a motorcycle (they were out of scooters so we had to rent a BMW GS650X… oh shame…).  The roads up into the mountains were incredible, was astounded to see (and smell) pine trees.  We explored most of the island the bike was a great way to see it.  Photo's below.

🙊 A mention from:
Tom Scott
A long time viewer of the YouTube OG Tom Scott, I was astounded that my recent Heathrow video made it’s way into his weekly newsletter. If you somehow do not know of Tom Scott, I implore you go and watch some of his back catalogue.  The wealth of subjects he covers and research undertaken is just mind-blowing! Also Tom Scott Plus (his new long form channel) is fantastic.

🎙️  A podcast I'm listening to:
The Groundhog Day Roadmap for Changing Your Life - The Art of Manliness Podcast
Paul Hannam is the author of The Wisdom Of Groundhog Day: How to Improve Your Life One Day at a Time. This podcast unpacks the motivations behind the book, but even more impressively the powerful message to the film (Groundhog Day if you haven’t guessed). The film’s message has been embraced by many spiritual leaders and religions, notably; Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity, something that Hannam shares in this podcast. Aside from wanting to rewatch the film again this podcast makes me want to pay more attention to my daily practices in my own life.  It’s very easy to fall into the same routines, day in, week out.

☎️ More phone boxes:
The Worlds Most Famous Telephone - CabbieBlog
Last week I posted an interesting article about disused phone boxes across the UK.  Fellow cabbie and blogger David Styles has shared some insight into the most popular phone box in London. I might call it sometime!

📹  New On YouTube this week:
No upload this week I'm afraid, but plenty of exciting stuff in the pipeline!  Here's a few photos from the aforementioned holiday.

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Have a great week everyone!

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