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Hey <<First Name>>, Welcome back to The Sunday Summary, a collection of insights and my behind the scenes from the past week.

💂‍♂️ A London experience:
The Kebab Kid - New Kings Road
I finally tried their legendary shawarma, and like every legendary eatery, there’s a quote from someone famous:
My ultimate guilty pleasure has to be a kebab from The Kebab Kid on London’s New King’s Road. That place does an unforgettable shawarma kebab. It sounds like it should be a guilty pleasure but they make such a healthy kebab with lean meat, good spices and excellent salad, there’s nothing to feel guilty about.Jamie Oliver

As amazing as the food, is the ordering process. Almost like Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, it’s down to a streamlined art.  There’s always a queue but they know how to shift it! And there's probably a cab always parked outside, I can now understand why!

🎧 An Audiobook I'm listening to:
The 10X Mentor - Take Charge of Your Business, Your Career, and Your Life - Grant Cardone

It’s hard not to be compelled by Grant Cardone’s energy. The 10x title can be a bit misleading. Initially you might think this book (or other 10x titles) is about the arguably “hustle culture”.  The idea that there are always more hours in the day, quit your bitching and get hustling. And whilst there is some of that, it is largely about focussing your efforts in a much more impactful way. One poignant insight for me was; “The more control you have in life, the more success you have.”  This on the idea of turning up early, taking on more responsibility etc.

 A coffee shop:
Bench - Britten Street, Clerkenwell

A large space part of The Goldsmiths Centre in Clerkenwell.  Came across this gem whilst exploring the area.
Would recommend for quiet airy, nice big open tables for working.  Not as intimate and flat white art certainly not on point.  I'm currently sat here typing this email before going to the Museum of the Order of St John, so I'll tell you all about that next week 😊

🎧 On heavy rotation:
Warcry - In Hearts Wake

This has been a power tune for me for years. Whether that's on the trials bike, in the gym, or even the final walk up the entrance of the public carriage office when I was on The Knowledge!
It's anthemic with a tribal beat, not for everyone, but a huge favourite of mine.
"Let me hear your warcry!"

New on YouTube this week:

London in Music Videos - Taxi Driver Reacts
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Have a great week everyone!

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