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Hey <<First Name>>, Welcome back to The Sunday Summary, a collection of insights and my behind the scenes from the past week.

🧪 This week:
A bit of an experiment. I've been waking up at 06:15.  My sole purpose? To beat the procrastination I have to get out of bed in the mornings.  Most mornings I generally waste a good hour, if not two! (I know the joys of being self employed) from the confines of my bed.  
To a large degree it's worked, and I've managed to get to my local gym for the opening time of 06:30.  But it's not made me feel any more successful or superhuman as proponents of the early riser movement would like to tell you.  In fact my day feels exactly the same, just shifted back by a couple of hours.  I'm not any more energised or effective, and suffer with worse traffic getting in and out of London, so net loss if anything.

🗺 Spot the illegal:
This proved quite popular from last weeks email, so here's another one that could cause a serious accident!

My hypothesis is that the cycle Deliveroo guys use google maps in car mode, then just cut corners, Google maps then adapts and we get this alarming situation as above.

🎧 An audiobook I'm loving:
Notorious: Life with No Parole for a Crime I Did Not Commit - Raphael Rowe
I love Rowe's Netflix series, and this book gives the whole insight into how Rowe was convicted for a murder he did not commit, as well as the very long process to overturn that conviction. If criminal injustice and prison stories are your thing, then this is definitely for you

🚶🏼 Other stuff:
It's been a silly busy week trying to get another edit over the line, whilst filming upcoming projects, conducting a tour and just trying to work.  But here is a nice photo I took last Sunday from a walk along the Thames.

📺 New on YouTube this week:

Full Late Shift - London Black Cab Driver - (3 of 5)
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Have a great week everyone!

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