By Noelle Tarabulski, Founder, Builder Consulting Group

By my count, there are over 150 ways to improve a home builder’s profit. This is just one.

Welcome to 2020!!

Recently the movie Ford versus Ferrari circulated throughout the nation. What an awesome story! It inspired me to think of what American ingenuity, inventiveness, ability, planning, teamwork and pissed off people can do.

If you have not seen it, track it down and watch it, it might help inspire you to make 2020 a great year for your building business.

First, I love speed and cars, but let me be clear, I love speed in any form I can get it, bikes, horses, sailboats, skis, cars, you get the picture, and I really love speed of building houses right the first time and delivered spot on as they say.

So why should you care? Well, having a vision and communicating it, living it, can inspire your team and the leadership of your team to get moving every day.

I don't have one story this week, because all my builders have a story of not moving fast and accurately enough to be super successful. What I do have is an inspirational chat to start the year off with a bang.

Begin with the end in mind. Know the vision you have for the year and share it with your team, remind them, set metrics, reward results, give them the tools to be successful.

What tools? The belief in them, the team to execute, the funds to get it done, the equipment, the communications, the systems, but most of all the THE GRIT and urgency of the matter at hand. Grit matters in our business, because the world at large loves to get in the way of builders. Oh yeah, the planning department that does not know what urgent means, the architects that have one more detail, the entitlement department that says, in 100 years they will be happy we made you do this, and of course the weather, think about it, we are in a blizzard of resistance every day.

The love of what we do carries us through the blizzards we face, it is so cool when we deliver a home, when we see kids bikes in the yard, when we see life happening before us. WE BUILT THAT, YEAH WE DID.

I am a big fan of Lee Iaccoca, he headed out to be with THE FORCE on July 2, 2019. That guy had grit and he had urgency, and he was slightly crazy (like all of us in building are). So be inspired to have a vision and communicate it, use grit and urgency to get it done. Plus get pissed off every now and then as needed. That energy can make AWESOME things happen.

Be inspired, and if needed, go for a spin in a Ford Mustang.

Oh Yeah, the Americans did kick the Italians butts on the race track. It surprised everyone. Continuous Improvement is incremental improvement thatoccurs every day and with constant effort. The movie is a prime example of the behavior and actions of continuous improvement.

Start Your Engines. 3 - 2- 1- GO!!!. Make 2020 a prosperous and fun year for you and your team.

Trailer below:

Home builders and developers are the backbone of this country. They work hard, take risks, and create more wealth for society than any other sector of the economy. If you need some coaching on how to make 2019 a great year, call me at 303.525.4944 or email me at and LinkedIn is a great place to find out more about my credentials, background, and references.

My first four questions when you call are usually:

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