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During the period we are unable to gather as a congregation due to the COVID-19 virus, we will be sending regular emails with digital content to keep us connected, informed and inspired as the Church in the world.  If you have any needs from Pastor Joel or the congregation, you can reply to this email or contact Pastor Joel via text message or phone call at 720-446-8887.
CTK Update
Wednesday, May 13th, 2020
Listen to Pastor Joel's invitation to our bible study today and a brief reflection on the Spirit that walks alongside us.
Love Walking Alongside Us
John 14:15-21

Part of the process of growing as a child is learning the necessary independence and skills you need to navigate caring for yourself.  The refrain that has echoed out of the mouths of children to their parents sounds something like this: “Leave me alone.  I can do it myself!”  In childhood there is something liberating about doing something on your own.  It’s a new experience and it proves something about who you are.  It says, I am capable.  Yet, it also somehow says, I have control.

As we continue to grow, those steps in maturing can turn from empowering to disabling.  The learning of adulthood often includes a reversal of this pattern, where we have to acknowledge that independence is not an ever perfecting ideal, but in fact the opposite of what sets us free, an acknowledgement of the interdependence we truly need  with others.  Rather than seeing our individual will power as central, we acknowledge that we must depend on the source of God, or of love, or other attributes of God to provide what we need.  Rather than idealizing how we care for ourselves; we acknowledge that we are dependent upon the skills, abilities and support of others to provide what we cannot give to ourselves.  We are more complete, more whole, when we recognize our need to be supported by the whole of what surrounds us, and then to give ourselves to others in the same way.

This is especially true when we experience some form of suffering or difficulty, and over these past two months, we are learning this lesson not only individually, but collectively as well.  The COVID-19 pandemic has reasserted that we are interdependent with many people that we normally never see or recognize, and that our strength as a community is found when lean not on our own ability, but on the support of others, even those unseen.

Today will be studying John 14:15-21 which speaks of the advocate or Spirit whom Jesus sends to the disciples to always be with them.  This advocate is the one who walks alongside us, the same ways Jesus walked alongside the disciples.  As we study scripture today, we will be reflecting how this advocate is present with us in our lives today, and how we recognize the presence of the Spirit in others.  Join us for this study!

We will connect on Zoom at Noon in English and at 7:00pm in Spanish.
CONNECT! Bible Study - Noon - May 13
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