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Journey of the Universe newsletter: December 11th, 2018
Welcome to our newsletter.  This is a new dimension of the Journey of the Universe project and we are thankful to you for being here at this beginning stage.

We are excited to launch this newsletter on the 50th Anniversary of the Earthrise photo, the moment when our planet was seen for the first time by human eyes as it rose above the horizon of another world.  This historic photo changed humans in many ways, especially by inspiring a new mode of planetary ecological consciousness.   

What is our relation to this planet?  
What is our planet's relation to the cosmos?

Journey of the Universe 
provides a story that responds to these questions and to the shift in consciousness that the Earthrise photo initiated.

This once-a-month newsletter is your source for all things relating to the "Great Story" of an unfolding universe and to the "Great Work", the transformative activities that weave this story into our world. Through this channel, we will highlight various aspects of the Journey of the Universe film, book, conversation series, online courses, and related works.  

Our hope is to bring forth the various dimensions of this project front and center to your attention, in a way that is easily accessible, invigorating, and relevant to your day-to-day life.  We plan to share news updates, new media, and event opportunities for the  Journey of the Universe community.

Our first piece of exciting news is the launch of a new Journey of the Universe website.


This website has been designed to present our vast array of video media in a beautiful, high-definition format so that it is easy and enjoyable to navigate.

Explore the new site here and share your thoughts and questions with us via

We are present and active across a range of social media channels that have dynamized our culture's relationship with "media".  We believe that there is now an opportunity to presence, socialize, and similarly dynamize the ideas and practices of  "cosmology" through the public conversation using social media. 

For us "social cosmology" is mediating public engagement with cosmological insights and narratives.  We invite you to join this exploration of cosmology, namely, how we live our lives within the context of Earth and Universe. 

Explore our newest accounts -  Instagram and Twitter - below and share anything we post that you find inspiring with your friends and family.

An Evening Discussion on Science, Ecology, and Hope 
Omni Shoreham Hotel
2500 Calvert St NW
Washington, DC, USA

5:45-7:30 pm: Discussion with Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Harrison Watson, Frank Sesno, and Tom Lovejoy.  
Learn more here. This event is part of "Sustainable Infrastructure & Resilience," the Annual Conference of the National Council for Science and the Environment.

Film Screening and Panel Discussion: Hartford, CT (February 3rd and 17th)

JANUARY 17 - MARCH 9, 2019

"The Recovery of Wisdom: Art Exhibition at Clare Gallery"

An exhibition of watercolors, mixed media paintings and hand-made accordion books by Mary Coelho, NEWS, CAA

CLARE Gallery
285 Church Street
Hartford, CT, USA

February 3, 1:00 - 3:00 pm // a free screening of the Emmy award-winning film 
Journey of the Universe. This stunning HD film is an epic journey connecting the cosmos, the earth, and human transformation.

February 17, 1:00 - 3:00 pm // a panel discussion will include Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, producers of Journey of the Universe and directors of the 
Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology and author and artist, Mary Coelho.


The first people to see the Earth from the moon were transformed by the experience.


In this film, they tell their story.
The iconic “Earthrise” photograph shifted the vision of space exploration from one that leaves Earth behind to one that marvels in the rare magnificence and beauty of our home planet. It ushered in a collective awareness of the Earth as a whole, transcending borders and boundaries, and came to be used by many to instill a sense of wonder, awe and stewardship toward the planet. It was a natural inspiration for the creation of Earth Day, and subsequently for the environmental movement as a whole.

From documentary filmmaker Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee takers:

"In telling the story, I wanted to create that human connection to the Earth I felt within the footage and the astronauts’ experiences. I wanted to explore how to feel and witness the Earth as our home the way they had. I wanted to share the awe and beauty they had experienced, to remember the power of this image they shared with the world."

Source: The New York Times
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