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April 1 2019


Well, we did a thing in the desert last week. And by all media accounts, it was great! The first of a million thank yous to everyone who brought themselves, their art, and their enthusiasm to our windy patch of high desert.

I still have a few things to dust off, so I'll keep this short. More BEquinox reminiscing below, plus ticket info for the big burn and calls for artists.

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And it was amazing! Our new home looked beautiful and you all filled it with so much fun and joy. We can't give enough thanks to everyone who participated and created such a vibrant city.

The effigy built by Eric Anderson and a dedicated crew of volunteers burned on Friday night, after the Art Car Parade and Fire Conclave. It was amazing to look around and feel almost like we were in Black Rock City. 

Photos by Patti Sloan.

I wanted to share this story about our helicopter landing pad (visible in the drone shot below, center right). It comes from Charles White, a long-time LA burner and someone with personal ties to the California City area: 

"You know... it touches my heart. I started a 'performance art' piece called Bequinox Airport when the event first started 5 years ago. Our tag line, "The Bequinox Airport believes in you, even if you do not believe in it" and we ran it like any other 'real' volunteer department at Bequinox. We had our own staff and volunteer meetings, uniforms, badges, and everything. It was a running performance art piece that confused some but brought smiles to many more.

This year at Bequinox I supplied the Airport (actually a helipad) with an official aviation windsock and airport flags and lighted marshaling wands.

But what made this year special is that David Bever also known as '51' told 27 volunteers, "Thank you, everyone, for doing Bequinox 2019 first FOD-walk at the Charles White Memorial Airport."

Wow. A square patch of sand, 100ft by 100ft located in the desert where I rode my motorcycle from 1972-1975 has an honorary name. I am so honored and flattered by our Bequinox/Burning Man community."

Thank you thank you thank you for helping make the first BEquinox at Seraphim Ranch a resounding success. This is a huge step that opens so many possibilities for the LA Burning Man community.

If you misplaced anything during the event, we have a lost & found pile that might contain your missing goods. Email with a description of your items before April 30.

Drone photo by David Bever.


The Mojave Desert Times covered our event, calling it the start of "what should be a long and mutually beneficial relationship." Thank you to everyone for treating the land and surrounding community with respect! We're happy to have a positive reception and are excited to grow our relationship with our local neighbors.

Read the full article here:


From the Burning Man Journal:

Each year we contemplate the structure and site for the Man as a place of interaction, invitation, and, for some, a symbolic annual trek to the middle of Black Rock CIty. With our entire urban plan built around this iconic figure at the heart of the playa, the Man Pavilion is, after a fashion, our central ‘monument’. 

Of course, we lovingly burn our monument each year, which is such a wonderful ritual of not taking ourselves too seriously, holding on too tightly, or over deifying our public symbol. It is both a rich and richly ironic statement of our constancy and our impermanence.

This call is open to individual artists as well as companies of artists. For aerial dance artists that rappel off the side of buildings, we invite daytime performance work that will focus on the legs supporting the Chrysalis, which is the base of the Man. 

For aerial artists who use trapeze, tissu/silks, corde lisse/aerial rope, or sangles/straps, we will have rig points between the arches formed by the legs for suspended work. The call is also open for those who do hair hanging. We invite you to celebrate and explore aerial art in concert with this year’s theme of Metamorphoses. Come lift, soar, and inspire!

All accepted projects will receive a stipend of $500 – $1,200 (based on length of performance and number in the company) for materials and transportation, access to gift Burning Man 2019 tickets for your team, and Work Access Passes for early site entry and installation. All artists need to be in Black Rock City and ready to check in at the Artery no later than 9:00 am on Saturday, August 25.

More information here:

To create the interactive experience at this year’s Man Pavilion, we are seeking design teams, urbanists, artists and architects to generate places for participants to gather and to activate the surrounding environment of the Man base. 

The first is a civic design challenge inspired by the theme Metamorphoses and the need to change our approach to the built environment. We are seeking innovative ways to encourage a community to be in one place together, as well as ideas that can be potentially translated from Black Rock City into global urban settings.

We are asking artists and designers to join us in considering what it means to be a city, Black Rock City, with an emphasis on the way urban spaces and buildings can either create disconnection or foster social connectivity. This challenge speaks to how we shape experience, encourage frivolity and fun, celebrate artistic approaches to public places, and stimulate interaction among people through design choices.

We are looking to select projects that evoke a plaza or park, which are thoughtful in terms of both the location and this year’s theme. Thought should be given to seating, artwork, design, and other elements that are conducive to a central place of assembly.

Each of the three selected projects will receive a stipend of $10,000 for materials and transportation, access to gift Burning Man 2019 tickets for your team, and Work Access Passes for early site entry and installation. All installation should be complete by 9 am Sunday, August 25.

More information here:


Do you read Burning Man's newsletter, The Jackrabbit Speaks? It's a wealth of awesome Burning Man information and global happenings and opportunities. It's also a great way to connect with other burners on your projects. Please remember: the JRS only publishes posts that will be of direct interest to the burner and burner-curious audience. Before you submit your post request, please review the post guidelines: Posts are published at the editor's discretion, and may be edited for content prior to publishing.

If you want to submit your art project, event, fundraiser, etc to the JRS, you can do it here:


The Winnemucca District, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), along with partner organization Friends of Black Rock-High Rock (FBRHR) announce a call to artists to share their thanks in celebrating one of Northern Nevada’s icons by applying for spring residencies at the Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area (NCA). This project is sponsored by the BLM in partnership with FBRHR. Applications will be accepted until April 22, 2019.

Selected artists will schedule residencies for two weeks in June-July of 2019. They will be required to create at least one piece of artwork inspired by the Black Rock Desert NCA that will be featured in an exhibition in the summer or fall of 2019. Artists will receive a $700 stipend from the Bureau of Land Management for developing their work and lodging for the duration of their residency. Lodging to be determined in consultation with selected artist. One work of art produced as part of the Artist-in-Residence (AiR) programs nationwide will be selected for wider distribution.

The Black Rock AiR program is open to artists working in any field (including but not limited to painters, photographers, sculptors, cinematographers, poets, musicians, and new-media artists) who are over 18 years of age and United States residents who meet the application criteria.

More info here:


Burning Man low-income ticket applications are still open! The program is a great way to get a discounted ticket if you need it. The application is here:


Low income ticket program application window: Wednesday, February 13 - Wednesday, April 17, 2019

**Main sale registration: Wednesday, April 3 - Friday, April 5, 2019**

**Main sale: Starts Wednesday, April 10, 2019**

More info at


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