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JULY 22 2019
Hi folks!

Thanks to everyone who came out and brought costumes to our last newbie orientation and costume swap on Sunday. I personally picked up a couple of great items, and dropped off about three bags of clothing at Goodwill afterwards. We hope you got some useful information out of the event, but we know it's always a *lot* to take in. So feel free to email us or hit up the Facebook groups with any questions about getting ready or surviving and thriving at your first burn. You'll do great!

If you're still looking for a local camp or project to contribute to, there's still time! Projects need your help at this critical time when everyone is scrambling to get all the last details just right. Jump in!

Do or Di
LA Burning Man RC 1/8

Image: 2019 Survival Guide
In this issue:

Have you ever dreamed of dropping hundreds of superballs from up on high just for the gratification of seeing them bounce like crazy? Imagine if that gratification kept going and going as long as you wish? The Bounce Back interactive installation lets YOU power the machine as long as you keep pedaling! YOUR financial support will help us build and get it to Burning Man and Beyond!

As a kid I would save up quarters I earned from chores and buy super bouncy balls from the coin machines at the grocery store. Over time I had a big mason jar full of the crazy colored superballs - my favorites were the rainbow sparkles ones and but the marble patterned ones always bounced the highest, and whenever I got the chance I'd dump them out from some place up high and delight in their crazy bouncing and wild trajectories! This project is an ode to that childlike joy but built on the serious infrastructure of heavy industrial machinery.

A 2019 Black Rock City Honoraria Recipient
My name is Sarah Gonsalves Firefly, aka Sassy -Galaxy. After 12 years of bringing art and shows to Burning Man since 2005,  I'm  honored to be a 2019 Art Honoraria recipient for my kinetic, musical sculpture titled Bounce Back.  I'm raising the remaining funds not covered in the grant through this Indiegogo Campaign. Myself and the rest of my crew are volunteering all of our time to make this art piece come to life!

You may recognize some of the projects I've been involved with in the past. In 2013 - 2015, I was one of four lead artists for PedalBump, A Pedal-Powered Bumper Cars Derby Under the Big Top and also a theme camp leader for Red Nose District on the Esplanade! For several years I helped run live shows at Dustfish, one of the few live music stages on the Esplanade. In my earliest years on Playa, I stage managed for Vau de Vire Society for Center Camp Performances and Fire Conclave Fire Shows.  Most recently, last year in 2018, I brought my Philosoph-Bots: talking upcycled Robots  from the future, holding court and serving s'mores around their fire pit made from the wreckage of their time travel ship.

2019 is my year to bring an exclusive Sassy-Galaxy original kinetic large-scale sculpture to the Playa for all to experience and enjoy!  My goal is to also give it a life beyond as public art somewhere after the event! I have a great team joining me as my core build crew and I hope you will support us in any way you can.

The Design
Bounce Back is a sleek colorful contraption that transforms into a kinetic wonder when activated. A 2-story hexagonal, plexiglass box sits empty except for a contraption inside that reaches to the pointed roof. Surrounded by a ring of rounded benches for an audience, it invites the curious. On closer inspection, the contraption is a bucket elevator powered by stationary pedal carts parked near the base. When the contraption is activated, the clear chamber fills with motion and energy of the elevator scooping and lifting small brightly colored bouncy balls to be released from the heights in a bouncing kinetic explosion of color and trajectories seemingly wild -- but fully enclosed. At night, Bounce Back has a phosphorescent glow whether still or activated. The bright colors and tall structure will stand out as a beacon of colorful fun. The shape, like that of a grain silo, is almost instantly recognizable as one ingrained in our collective memories, but with a transformative twist.

One or more people can pedal the carts (with age/height adjustable seats) to activate the elevator. Speeding up the elevator takes more pedal power and may encourage people to work together. A shared suspense builds as more and more balls go up to a hanging basket. When enough balls go up they’re released to bounce wildly inside - Glee and music created by the bouncing balls will fill the air when that happens! Long strings hang outside the glass: pull a string and a hidden lever flips up – try and bounce balls higher! The flipper action is probably addictive. Fabric covered bouncy benches provide fun seats for contemplating the spectacle, the original art that decorates the surfaces, or listening to the music created in a unique never to be repeated performance by the bouncing balls. 

Bounce Back Fundraising Goals
Please help by donating funds or sharing this campaign! The Art Grant from Burning Man Arts covers a portion for the costs to build Bounce Back. This campaign is meant to raise the funds to cover the remaining amount needed to get us all the way to the Playa!

All of our time, expertise and artistic contributions are volunteered. Your financial donations go directly to cover hard costs such as:
  • Industrial rated materials so the piece is safely designed
  • Specialized technical and power systems to make magic out of chaos
  • Reliable transportation to and from Burning Man (I drive the Truck!)
  • Paint, parts and pieces for the finishing touches!
Want to help this project and make your OWN bouncy balls? Come to the fundraiser party this Saturday. Play with us and help Bounce Back get to the playa! More info HERE.

The Phoenix and The Butterfly provides a framework for people to explore the metamorphosis of the feminine and masculine, in terms of where we are and where we want to go.

The ancient Egyptians saw the shape of the pyramids as a method of providing new life to the dead because the pyramid represented the form of the physical body emerging from the earth and escalating towards the light of the sun. Additionally, with the Butterfly and Phoenix sculptures on top of the 2 - 25’ tall pyramids, they come together to represent our asecention from previous incarnations & into a renewed life. Set side-by-side, each equal in importance, they demonstrate the need to honor both aspects of self, both personally & communally, in order to be whole. 

The butterfly stands 8’ tall and 12’ wide, made from fire painted acrylic, wood and steel. Hundreds of LED lights will illuminate the wings from inside creating an effect like sunlight through stained glass. The Phoenix is equal in size, crafted from thousands of hand made copper feathers. At night, once ignited, it transforms into a huge flaming bird, shining brilliantly against the backdrop the night sky of Black Rock City.

The three-sided pyramids each consist of 10 spheres, stacked 3 levels high. Each 8’ sphere is made from hundreds of interconnected steel rings and exists as it’s own little cocoon, filled with hammocks, pillows and cozy things to encourage people to slow down and stay awhile. Citizens of BRC will discover hidden books, games, and puzzles that will spark imagination & conversation about the gender role beliefs or ideology. Stairs on the corners of each pyramid invite explorers up to a lotus-shaped platform at the top of the pyramid. This space is both a stage for performance art and a place to experience the Phoenix and the Butterfly at arms distance, for quiet contemplation.

We are at a point in the history of accelerated change, where gender role attitudes are redefining themselves, allowing each of us to discard who we are told we “should be”, to find our true selves. We seek to empower citizens of BRC to add positive energy to affect the direction of this development in human history. The geometric formation used to create this project is rooted in ancient symbology but meant to create a place to play, to create, to connect, and to usher forth the new age of humanity.

For more info on this art project and how to contribute, see

Joycat 2019 was borne from a deep desire to transmute the whole-body emotion of joy to the infinite masses. Through the powerful alchemy of Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Practices, and art, artist Love/Hate Los Angeles (aka Rebecca Totman) has been working on transforming her own fear from personal trauma and societal constrictions into freedom and joy. And now, it is time to share! 

There are many challenges that come with building a 35 foot sculpture made of wood (and meant to burn.) However, we've got an AMAZING team of people on board who are very good at their specialties as well as passionate burners. 

The biggest risk is that we won't be able to raise the funds to cover materials.

You can help by contributing to this crowdfunding campaign (which will cover the essential materials and transportation costs), and/or lending a hand with construction both off or on the playa, or simply sharing this campaign with your friends. Please share!

See for opportunities to help build and/or join our art support camp.

Follow us on facebook @joycat2019 and Instagram @rebecca.totman. You can find our IndieGoGo campaign HERE.

As we start ramping up for That Thing In The Desert (TTITD) called Burning Man, we know a great many of you will be making purchases in advance of your journey. If you are making purchases through Amazon you can help benefit our local Los Angeles Burner 501c3 entity, the Los Angeles League of Arts, through their “Amazon Smile” program. A small percentage of the purchases you make through the Amazon Smile Program can help fund more things at our events. 

How to convert a portion of your regular purchases into donations to the cause? Easy: just go to and select “Los Angeles League of Arts” as your charity! Then do your regular shopping while logged into the Smile program. In fact, if all of the Los Angeles Burner community were to make all of their Amazon purchases through the Smile program year round, it could lead to thousands of dollars more for our local Burner community.

To find more theme camps and art projects to contribute your time and talents to for Burning Man 2019, please take a look at our growing camp & art project list HERE. That document includes some brief info about each project and the type of people and skills they're seeking, and we encourage you to get in touch and figure out which group of folks feels like the right fit for you.

If you haven't filled out the survey yet, you can find it HERE.

WHEN: Last Friday of the month
8pm - 2am
WHERE: Theory Labs
624 Moulton Ave, LA, 90031
(Inside the Brewery Artist Lofts)

WHEN: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month 
Starts at 7pm
WHERE: Mandrake Bar
2692 S La Cienega
North Hollywood
WHEN: Every last Saturday of the month
Starts at 3pm
WHERE: The Other Door
10437 Burbank Blvd
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