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July 17 2018

Hi there!

As always in July, things are getting hectic and it's been tough to keep up with all the things, but I hope everyone's playa prep (or, for normal folks, "summer") is going well! We have a couple events coming up including a costume swap this Saturday, so dig out that leather thing you bought but have never actually worn and let it find a new life.

As always, feel free to hit me up directly at with any submissions or questions, or to reach all of us at once.

Do or Di
LA Burning Man RC 1/10
  • Theme Camp Matchmaking List
  • How To: Theme Camp 
  • Temple Build Sneak Peek
  • Newbie Orientation & Costume Swap
  • Save the Date: LA Decom
  • Local Meetups
Find Your Home!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our survey! Here is a list of camps that provided their information and are seeking new members. Please read their info and get in touch if you think they're the right place and people for you!

Appropriated Dragon
Facebook Page

Looking For: 1) Looking for campers willing to work and pARTicipate! or
2) Looking to collaborate with other camps on a "cultural exchange" type event at our place (come to Appropriated Dragon and teach/share something) a "pop-up" camp :)

About Us: We're best known as a communal potluck dining establishment for all the members of the Black Rock French Quarter village, set in an beautiful hall, draped in lanterns and glowing with neon, overlooking the Esplanade. You earn your place as an honored guest by helping run the house, and sharing something delicious with the other honored guests.

Interested?  Apply through their Facebook Page or via Black Rock French Quarter website.

Black Hole Literary Society
No website or Facebook page.

Looking For: People who will be there.  

About Us.  Have a giant Lite Brite and will travel. 

Interested? If this sounds interesting then email and he'll put you in touch.

(New) Black Rock City Repertory Theater
Facebook Page

About Us: BRCRep is bringing two plays to the playa this year: As You Like It and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Interested?  Apply through the Facebook Page.

Black Rock Explorers
Facebook Page

Looking For:  VETERAN Burner families who are into modeling fun & responsibility.

About Us: This program is for burner kids, based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man. Kids are the next generation, so we aim to teach them how to sustain life in BRC. Camps and services will host playa-cational field trips, events and volunteer opportunities. Scouts will earn patches, tokens or pins for things learned, survival skills achieved, good deeds and volunteering. 

Interested?  Connect through Facebook.

Black Rock Wine Cellar
Facebook Page
Experiential Community Website
Black Rock French Quarter Website

Looking For:  We are looking for vintners, sommeliers, and wine enthusiasts. We will do cartwheels for gifts of wine, and we are also looking for some like-minded campers to help us create a French Quarter wine tasting experience.

Interested?  Connect through Facebook or Website.

(New) Cafe de la Fin du Monde
Facebook Page

About Us:  Original Black Rock French Quarter Coffee Shop.

Looking for? Members to join our camp :)

Interested?  Connect through website or Facebook

(New) Camp Yeah Man
Facebook Page
YouTube Channel

Looking For?  Interactive camp seeks 1-2 more people to help on and/or off playa. Tasks may vary depending on your availability, skills, creativity etc. See Facebook page or YouTube videos to get an idea of what we do.

About Us: Camp Yeah Man! became a theme camp at Burning Man 2016. We have live music, fire dancing, salsa dancing, belly dancing, yoga, twerking and more.

Interested:  Contact via Facebook Group.

(New) Couch Burners
Facebook Page

Looking for?  New members!

About Us. We are taking members and I'll be happy to go through all the details about the camp, what we offer, what we have and what we expect from our members.

Interested?  Contact via Facebook Group.

(New) Entheos Community

About Us: Entheos strives to balance its interactivity amongst body, mind and spirit, with a common theme of enthusiastic, playful participation. We divide the day and the night between offerings that are structured, educational and intellectually collaborative (daytime) and offerings that are fluid, celebratory and creative (nighttime). Below you can read about what we have planned for this year, along with a schedule of events.

Looking For: Entheos is welcoming veteran and virgin Burners from around the globe who want to be part of an organized and active community.

Interested?  Contact through website.

(New) Savage Kingdom

About Us: We are here to contribute our share to the Burning Man experience and have an amazing time while doing it. The people of Savage Kingdom come from all savage corners of the globe once a year to take part in the best week on the planet. We all pitch in our time and effort to run a truly unique and memorable camp and art car, Savage Island, from which we throw both in-camp and deep playa events. 

Looking For: We welcome all people to our camp and treat our guests from other tribes as family!

Interested? Contact through Website


Want to start your own theme camp at Burning Man, but not sure how? The lovely folks at BMHQ have put together a useful guide to creating your very own theme camp, and keeping your sanity while doing it. Check it out here:


Watch this video to get a glimpse of the 2018 Temple underway:



When: Saturday July 21, 2:00pm-5:00pm
Where: Big Art Labs, 651 Clover St.

Costume swap will take place after the orientation. Bring that new or gently used playa wear that's been sitting around and let it find a new home, and take home some new treasures! All remaining items will be donated.

Next and final in-person newbie orientation for 2018:
When: Sunday August 12, 2:00pm-5:00pm
Where: The Other Door, 10437 Burbank Blvd.


Just keeping it on the radar, folks! LA Decom is happening:

October 13, 2018
LA State Historic Park


Westside-Adjacent Meetup: every third Tuesday
When: Tuesday, July 17, 6:30pm - whenever
Where: Mandrake Bar
2692 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, 90034

Have a Burning Man-related or just super cool thing you're doing that you want to share? Hit us up and, if it's a good fit, we may feature it in the newsletter. 
*Please no sales or for-profit events.
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