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February 12 2019

Hi folks! 

A warm and fuzzy thank you to everyone who attended the Town Hall this weekend. It's always a pleasure to get to see people in person and hear about all the exciting things going on in our community. We'd also like to thank the amazing candidates running for the LA League of Arts board. If you weren't there to hear them speak in person, please read their bios below and vote for up to two new board members. 

The effigy burns in 38 days!!

Do or Di
LA Burning Man RC 1/8
  • LALA Board Election
  • Local Meetups
  • Call for Meetup Hosts
  • Radical Inclusion LA
  • Decommodification in the Age of Influencers


These are your nominees! We’re excited to have so many talented and passionate folks seeking positions on the LA League of Arts’ board of directors. Please read their bios below and vote for the two new board members at the link below.

John Marston aka Stark
John is a four-year Burner. He has participated with several BM theme camp and volunteered at LA Decom and BEquinox. John is currently a Regional Contact. John has participated on Boards in the past, TED Talks, and currently runs a company of his own. John brings Accounting, Marking, Website Development, General Management and Event Production skills to the table. John is passionate about working with and volunteering for the LA Community.
Keith MacGregor aka Split
Keith is a 16-year Burner. He has participated with several BM theme camps, has volunteered at LA Decom and BEquinox. Has participated in several large scale builds both on and off the playa. Keith is a licensed General Contractor and runs his own business. Keith has a growing knowledge of municipal building departments and code enforcement policies. Keith would love to participate in the growth of the LA Community.
Melanie Gola
Melanie is a two-year Burner. Melanie has volunteered at LA Decom, BEquinox and has been involved with Theme Camps. Melanie currently works as a project manager for Nike and runs a female skateboarding account. Melanie is skilled at developing logos, updating social media and website development. Melanie is very interested in participating in a like minded community.
Miguel Dowogopoluk aka Russian Poundcake
Miguel is a long time Burner… both at Burning Man and Regional events. Miguel has volunteered at LA Decom and BEquinox… he has been involved with the running of theme camps and enjoys being very involved in camp projects. Miguel is an electrical engineer and currently works in the software automation field. He is skilled in website development. Miguel would very much like to have a hand in shaping our wonderful community.  
Noelle Stransky aka Christmas
Noelle is a seven-year Burner. She has participated with several BM theme Camps and volunteered at LA Decom and BEquinox. Noelle is currently the webmaster for the website and is interested in working to update other Los Angeles Burning Man\Los Angeles League of Arts websites. Noelle brings website tech, project management, graphic design, team building and art skills to the table. Noelle would love to take her skills and keep doing what she is doing and share them with the LA Community.
Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat
Zaheer is a three-year Burner. He has participated in several theme camps and mutant vehicle projects.  Zaheer has been on the boards of two different non-profit organizations. Zaheer brings his strategy skills, community development, grant writing and logistical skills to the table. Zaheer would love to be involved in the LA Community.  


Westside-Adjacent/Culver City:
Tuesday, February 19th (every 3rd Tuesday)
6:30pm - 9:30pm

Mandrake Bar
2692 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
More info here.

North Hollywood:
Saturday, February 23
3pm - 9:30pm

The Other Door
10437 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

If you know of other meetups or burner events happening anywhere in the region, let us know!


Hey you! Have you been looking for a way to get more involved with the local burner community? Love people and social activities? Are you a great host and activator? Is there a great venue you want an excuse to spend more time in?

We’re always looking for more people to host local meetups in all parts of the region. Meetups are often held at bars but can also be daytime affairs at parks, activity-based (hikes, sewing circles), etc. We love having consistent events so people know where to go on a regular basis to find their community, but if you’re interested in hosting a one-off event, that’d be great too.

If you’re interested in hosting a meetup in your area or have a great idea for a venue, let us know at and we’ll happily support your efforts!


During last weekend’s Town Hall, a new Facebook group was created to provide a more focused forum for people to create connections and share their skills and talents. Please visit and join Radical Inclusion LA and introduce yourself and your skills, or any opportunities you have for the community to get involved in your art project, theme camp, etc. 

We are also compiling a list of theme camps and art projects that are seeking volunteers. Theme camp leaders and artists, please fill out this form if you’d like us to post your opportunities for community members who’d like to get involved. 

*You don’t have to be an “official” theme camp or project to fill this out -- if you’re just looking for collaborators on a project and want to see who’s out there, go ahead and fill out the survey. The goal is to create a publicly available database of volunteer and collaboration opportunities so people can quickly and easily find each other and plug into the projects that speak to their particular interests and skills.


A new post in the Burning Man Journal from Caveat Magister takes on some heavy questions of identity, branding, and decommodification at Burning Man. Black Rock City is not immune to the same cultural changes and rifts that eventually affect every group. The rapid growth and perceived changes in the ethos and values of our city in recent years leave many people questioning how the principle of Decommodification, so central to the Burning Man experience, can be upheld -- or if, perhaps, Burning Man itself has become too much of a brand. After all, in today’s society of paid influencers and 24/7 social media, when “on brand” has quickly entered our everyday lexicon to mean “this is so me,” isn’t everything and everyone a brand?

Thinking back to discussions he had with Larry Harvey, Caveat makes a convincing argument for the crucial differences between a symbol and a logo, and between an identity and a brand. Caveat contends that The Man and associated imagery function as a powerful symbol of a wide variety of values and experiences that go far beyond the carefully curated and managed concepts meant to be evoked by a corporate logo. Similarly, a brand is rigid and performative, perfectly polished and always, well, “on brand.” A healthy identity changes and adapts, always leaving room for growth and development.  

“Whether Burning Man has a “brand” or an “identity” depends on us – on whether we are honest, on what we actually do in the world, on how we treat people, and the experiences people have through us.  But Larry always tried to make sure we had an “identity” rather than a brand, because identities are honest, and can treat other people honestly.  Because brands may be more flashy but identities are more interesting.” 

Read Caveat’s full post on the Burning Man Journal.

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