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JULY 08 2019
Hello burners,

Happy July! I hope your summer plans are shaping up nicely, whether or not you're headed to the playa this year. 
Our last newbie orientation of 2019 (+ costume swap) will be on July 21 at Big Art Labs; if you're still looking for ways to support a playa project this year, we have a couple of opportunities for you below; and get some tips on how to reduce your waste before you head to the playa.

Do or Di
LA Burning Man RC 1/8

Photo: 2019 Man base design by Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu.
In this issue:

Join us for the last in-person Newbie Orientation:

Downtown LA
WHEN: Sunday July 21, 2pm - 6pm
WHERE: Big Art Labs
651 Clover St

This event will also include a costume swap and some time at the end to work on crafting and getting your costumes or accessories playa ready. Bring playa clothes to donate to the swap (reasonably decent condition please, nothing MOOPy). After you're done exchanging clothes, reinvent that old piece with some scissors and glue!

Please bring: playa wear to donate to the exchange; scissors, fabric/craft glue, sewing needles and thread, fabric trim, beads (NO LOOSE SEQUINS), pom poms, reflective tape, EL wire, patches, fake fur, etc!
Leaving no trace begins way before you get to the playa. Pack thoughtfully and you'll have less trash to deal with once you're there. This post from the Burning Man Journal provides some useful tips for packing lightly and minimizing waste.

Some highlights:
*Don't overpack. Excess food quickly becomes waste.
*Remove excess packaging. Purchase some of your supplies before you get to Reno and get rid of plastic wrapping, cardboard boxes, and other packaging so you bring less to the playa to begin with.
*Canned foods are your friend. Carefully select your food items, and stick with many non-perishables and canned goods—they'll stay good no matter what, and anything uneaten can be donated or saved for later.

A message from the artist behind MEGA MEGA:

I’ve been bringing BIG ART, BIG PERFORMANCE and BIG INSTALLATIONS out to Burning Man for over TWO DECADES but I’M RETIRING. THIS IS GONNA BE MY LAST YEAR BRINGING ART TO THE PLAYA. which means I’m NOT gonna ask you again… swear! And I’m going out with a bang… 

Even though somehow Burning Man found it in their hearts to endow this project with an honorarium, that Honorarium covers only a fraction of the project. And the donations already pledged don’t make up the difference… Hence the IndieGoGo... now I know it's expensive to go to Burning Man.. this is my TWENTY FOURTH YEAR ATTENDING so I feel the pocket book. We all do this because we love it... not because it makes financial sense… BUT it’s projects like this one that make Burning Man the unique event it is… and the reason I’ve been going all these years. 

SO, can you help this crusty old retiring big art contributor out and throw a few shackles at this ridiculous project? It will be greatly appreciated and (for a donation of $25 or more) you all will be in on a secret the rest of Burning Man will discover when they ride heck and gone out to the middle of the desert.

All I can say is it has something to do with a carnival… you know, ferris wheel, rollercoaster, that kind of thing… but I can’t say any more (unless you donate).

You can find the IndieGoGo HERE.

Thank you,

Kevin Bourque
Co-Founder, Red Nose District/Cirque Berzerk
co-creator of Pedalbump
founding member of Mutaytor 
(and a bunch of other stuff)


The Ovule Project is an exploration of the feminine self and the value found there; a self that exists in everyone and everything. The Ovule is a large seed pod intended to serve as a gallery, or safe space for a collection of art from participating artists. We are seeking these submissions:

1. Submissions from artists that create flora and fauna. Your piece(s) will be seen at Burning Man and in a show through December 2019, then we will return it. We want anything that might be suited to building a biosphere inside The Ovule. 

2.Submit an essay, poem, or 2D art for our book. We want to hear from all genders. You can email submissions to by August 10. We want 200-1,000 words.
Prompt: What does it mean to have your feminine values claimed by you, nurtured by you. How would (or how has) empowering feminine values change your life and identity. How would it change your industry, your work, your relationships, etc. We want to learn from you. (we will take any meaningful writing about the feminine or feminine experience)

3. Lastly we are seeking one great California Bay Area figure sculptor if you happen to know any.

Here is more on the project:


The Burning Man Project Annual Report is now available! This interactive report beautifully highlights the many ways in which Burners from across the world (you!) are making a positive impact and how Burning Man Project works to support and nurture those efforts. 

From the CEO letter:

The nonprofit Burning Man Project produces the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, and works year-round to provide support, education, and grants to a global ecosystem of artists, makers, and community leaders. Together, we are all working towards a future rooted in values such as self-expression and communal effort. We are envisioning a more connected and collaborative world, working to manifest the “real change” Larry dreamed of.

While 2018 held many exciting milestones, it also brought our greatest loss. Our founder and original instigator, Larry Harvey, passed away on April 28. Larry was a dear friend whose profound reflections on our culture and unique vision will continue to drive our work. Recently, the Smithsonian American Art Museum referenced Burning Man as “one of the most influential phenomena in contemporary American art and culture.” Burning Man’s reach and impact have been greater than most of us ever dreamed it would be. But the radical proliferation of our culture and the principles came as no surprise to Larry. He was a realist and a visionary, a philosopher and a storyteller, and he always believed in the potential of this community.

Thank you for your work. With your help, we will build a world that is more inclusive, creative, and civically engaged.

Marian Goodell, CEO
Burning Man Project

You can read the full report here.

If you're looking for a theme camp or art project to contribute your time and talents to for Burning Man 2019, please take a look at our growing camp & art project list HERE. That document includes some brief info about each project and the type of people and skills they're seeking, and we encourage you to get in touch and figure out which group of folks feels like the right fit for you.

If you haven't filled out the survey yet, you can find it HERE.

WHEN: Last Friday of the month
8pm - 2am
WHERE: Theory Labs
624 Moulton Ave, LA, 90031
(Inside the Brewery Artist Lofts)

WHEN: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month (June 18)
Starts at 7pm
WHERE: Mandrake Bar
2692 S La Cienega
North Hollywood
WHEN: Every last Saturday of the month (June 29)
Starts at 3pm
WHERE: The Other Door
10437 Burbank Blvd
 Send mailing list submissions to
*Please no sales or for-profit events
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