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January 28 2019

  • Board Elections & Town Hall
  • BEquinox OMG Sale & Ticket Raffle
  • Road to Seraphim Ranch
  • BEquinox Gate Hours


The Los Angeles League of Arts (LALA) is the non-profit entity that supports the local official Burning Man Events. LALA Board Members work together with Burning Man L.A. Regional Contacts in order to bring you events such as Decom, Blissmas, BEquinox, and more, and to support our local community in a variety of ways, including our local Burners Without Borders projects. We are looking for two Board Members who are ready to be active participants in our local community and who are willing to help shape the direction and future of the Los Angeles Burning Man community.  

***This is not a Burning Man Regional Contact Position. This is a LALA Board of Directors position***
The LA League of Arts has opened the nominations for 2 new Board Members.  Board term is 3 years.  
If you're interested in running for this position, please:
-- Be a member of the Los Angeles Burning Man community (if you're reading this you probably are a member)
-- Be willing to attend monthly meetings (meetings are regularly held in Manhattan Beach the second Tuesday of each month, with some exceptions when the Board agrees to move a date)
-- Be willing… super willing… to participate in LALA and local Burning Man Community events.
-- Be nominated by some other member of the LABM community or nominate yourself
-- Be vetted as a candidate by the existing Board
-- Get votes!

* * * Timeline of Important Dates * * *
Nominations are now OPEN
Nominations close January 31, 2019
Nominations link:
February 4, 2019: Candidates will be notified about participating in the Town Hall Meeting. All Nominees get 5 minutes to speak to the community at the Town Hall.
Town Hall Meeting 
Date: Feb 10, 2019, 1p-4p
Location: TBD
Voting (online only): February 13 - February 28, 2019
March 13, 2019: New Board Members will be announced to the community
Tuesday, April 9, 2019: New Board Members will join the existing Board at their first board meeting.


Thank you so much for your patience with all things BEquinox ticketing! Good news: there will be an OMG sale! We have 100 tickets that will be available to purchase using a lottery system.

If you would like to participate, we need for you to complete a tiny survey.  Do it now so you don’t forget… 

You have until Tuesday February 5th at 11am to complete the bitty survey.

You, the community, will be drawing the lucky lottery winners on Sunday February 10, 2019 from 1p – 4pm, at the Annual LA Burning Man Town Hall Meeting.

Nope, winners do *not* have to be present, but wouldn’t it be fun if you were!

We will raffle off one free ticket to BEquinox at the Town Hall Meeting as well.

If you are a winner of the free ticket or one of the lottery tickets, this ticket is yours. It cannot be gifted or sold. Your name will be on a list in Will Call when you arrive in the city.

Here is the link to the survey:

Thanks so much!
The BEquinox Team


In the next few weeks, we’ll be sending out helpful information and tips to help you prepare for the new environment at Seraphim Ranch. This information will also all be published on the website as it becomes available. The Burning Man Survival Guide is also a great resource to make sure you’re prepared for a desert environment and ready to have an amazing week.

Important topics:
  • Gate hours
  • Driving directions and location details
  • Ins and outs (hint: there are none)
  • LNT and trash disposal
  • Burn barrels
  • Sound policy
We’ll try to address as many questions as possible both in the newsletter and on the website. If you have any specific burning questions (no pun intended), please reach out!


Tuesday  – March 19th: Early Entry Only: You Must Have an EA Pass.
Gates open at 2pm for pre-approved early arrivers.
Gates close at 11:59pm for the night. Please plan accordingly.

Yes, there will be instances that early entry is necessary. As you go through the process of signing up for volunteering, bringing art, building a theme camp, etc., you will receive instructions for an early entry pass. You will need a pass to arrive early.

To be clear… an early pass is good for one person. Not everyone in the car, etc. If you arrive and you don’t have an early pass, you will not be allowed in the event. Again, each pass is good for one person. 
If you have any questions, please send an email to

Wednesday – March 20th
Gates open at 8am for pre-approved early arrivers.
*If you arrive between 8am and noon, you must have an EA pass.*
Gates open at Noon for all participants!

Gates close at 11:59pm for the night. Please plan accordingly.

Thursday – March 21st
Gates open at 8am for all participants.
Gates close at 11:59pm for the night. Please plan accordingly.

Friday – March 22nd
Gates open at 8am for all participants.
Gates close at 8:30 PM for the night. Please plan accordingly.
The effigy is scheduled to burn at  9 pm on Friday, weather permitting.

Saturday – March 23rd
Gates open at 8am for all participants.
Gates close at 8 PM  for the duration of the event. Please plan accordingly.
If the effigy did not already burn, then the scheduled burn time is 10pm.
Sunday – March 24th
Clean up and go home! Everyone must be off the property at 2pm.
Remember to pack out your trash and Leave No Trace!*

Seraphim Ranch has no utilities available. Please plan as you would for Burning Man. Ice and firewood will be sold on site. Please pack out all trash and greywater. More info to come!
 Send mailing list submissions to
*Please no sales or for-profit events
Burning Man Online Policies for use of groups, aliases, and social media
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