This week: Ravens, Crows and other animals.

Raven Speaks -- Acrylic on Canvas 8x8 inches
This is my newest painting, you guys get to see it first.
Hey there folks,
So yeah animals. Who doesn't love 'em? People used to think they were gods, or spirits. Ravens and crows were big in native American Mythology (as well as many other cultures). They were considered lucky, or Tricksters, stories about them focused on their greed, foolishness, impatience, but also, on their, intelligence, bravery and heroism.
I, personally, have always loved them for their "don't give a crap" attitude, their intelligence and their dark beauty. Hearing a crow in the morning is better then 10,000 roosters.

Here's some stuff I thought was worth sharing this week.
  1. Some crows playing with a cup.
  2. Susan Rothenberg paints animals.Here's an article on some newer ones. And another. One more.
  3. An image might be good:
  4. My bud Kelly Moore is a primitive/Raw artist, who paints animals, and cowboys, and mystic stuff. Check that link out.
  5. Nicola Hicks doesn't sculpt crows, but her animal sculptures and drawings are great.
  6. A video on the difference between crows and ravens.
  7. Crows in Native American mythology , and Ravens, and other cultures.
Raven Tree -- Ink on paper
The world's going to hell in a handbasket, it always has been. Find your Spirit Animal, and let it guide you through the turmoil. Or conversely, gather your friends and muddle your way through it.
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