This week: On Beginnings, ideas, and etc.

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This week is about beginnings. About 8 months ago I began a new journey in my life. On November 14, 2017 I had a tumor taken out of my spine, which was very lucky to have been caught at all. I'd been having back problems that turned into not being able to walk properly, and at the MRI I was told to go directly to the emergency room and get admitted. Two days later I had surgery, and found out that I have Multiple Myeloma cancer. (It's a blood thing.) It's been an interesting ride since then.

So beginnings

or how do you start a piece, or where do you get your ideas?
  1. Isaac Asimov had some thoughts on that: "Obviously, then, what is needed is not only people with a good background in a particular field, but also people capable of making a connection between item 1 and item 2 which might not ordinarily seem connected." (Making connections between things that don't seem connected.) From here
  2. But, really where do you get your ideas?
  3. Two quotes from Chuck Close:
    "Almost every idea I ever got I got from working. It’s a good way to keep from getting stuck." "Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us show up and get to work." I recommend the book Work for more about him.
  4. John Cleese wants you to steal your ideas.(video)
  5. Where Do Ideas Come From? (video w/David Lynch, Chuck Close, and more)
  6. Neil Gaiman: "I make them up,' I tell them. 'Out of my head.' "
  7. So you got your idea, now what? Some of the answer to that is in the links posted, and I'll follow up with some answers to that next week.
And this week also marks an ending:
Steve Ditko creator of Spider-Man and many other comic character died last week. Here's my take

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