This week: Beauty in the eye.

Wesley Fleming - Raven Steals the Sun - 2013
Effetre glass, about 1.5\" tall
Hey there folks,
Another week's come and gone, and it's newsletter time. OMG How about some beautiful stuff?
  1. That piece above is from glass artist Wesley Fleming. See more of his work here.
  2. I found him via Colossal, which has lots of beautiful stuff on it.
  3. I don't believe that voting actually changes anything, but direct action does. Beautiful Trouble has guides to direct action for the modern world.
  4. Sharing is caring, caring is good. Here's some science on why we share.
  5. Speaking of good, here's an essay on the history of how atheists came to be seen as able to be morally good. How a Huguenot philosopher realised that atheists could be virtuous
  6. Breeding fruit flies to live on Titan
Black-eyed Susies - Acrylic on Canvas - 18x24 inches
Remember don't believe everything you see on TV, or read on F--book. Sift through the stories, find the good stuff. Make your own stories, they're the best ones anyways.
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