This week: Whoop, here I am!

Some poppers (and a regular lure) found at a second hand shop.
Hey there folks,
Sorry I've been lazy the last couple of weeks, but I get that way sometimes, and I've really had nothing of note to send out.
Here's some stuff I thought was worth sharing this week.
  1. How Will Police Solve Murders on Mars An interesting article on policing the on other planets, specifically Mars. It's a good thought piece, with not much thinking out of the box really. Luckily we've got time to figure it out so the next Joe Kenda can do his job..
  2. Inside Slab City, a Squatters’ Paradise I'm interested in interstitial spaces, or "autonomous zones", and this one is a good example.
  3. Here's another example of that.
  4. On the science front: Two people with paralysis walk again using an implanted device
  5. An interesting artist is Jean Paul Langlois a Canadian Metis artist. His paintings a vividly colorful.
  6. Which brings me to a book I've been reading Notches a murder mystery featuring "Gabriel Du Pré, Métis Indian cattle inspector and occasional deputy". It's quite interesting, and I like how the author uses the patois of the region (Montana). There's a series of 15 of these.
  7. And here's 15 minutes of the Stooges at Coachella in 2003:
I let the dogs out (yes I'm the one) this morning, and this is what I saw.
Sometimes it's better late than never. Don't worry about what other people think you should be doing, do what you need to do.
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