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Saturday 26          Proserpine Young Farmer's event: farm tour at Justin's Blair's farm, 4pm start

Friday 22nd           SSP & Canegrowers Proserpine 2018/19 AGM: Hotel Metropole

Members are reminded that orders for TISSUE CULTURE SEEDLINGS must be returned to the SSP or Canegrowers Proserpine office by Thursday 31st October.

Tissue culture orders are expected to be available in late August – early September 2020. Those members that place an order will be contacted by the SSP team as the time nears. Please don’t hesitate to contact Frank (0419 679 427) or Laurie (0488 777 657) with any queries.

Spare order forms can be obtained by:

  • Clicking the link below
  • Visiting the SSP office or,
  • Downloading from SSP's website
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Fallow versus plough out replant on yields:

 1.   Fallow types
A weedy fallow provides cover but can cause obvious problems while bringing limited benefit to soil health but is still better than PORP for soil biota (=health). Alternatively, a fallow using cover crops. It can be a single species (ex. Ebony cowpeas or soybeans if you are just after N fixation, or sunflowers for soil structure improvement, P mining and promoting mycorrhizal fungi) or a multi species mix. Having a controlled cover crop prevents weed establishment, protects against sediment runoff and can lower your fertiliser bill, in addition to soil health benefits.
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SSP has a new website!

Please check it out and let us know what you think – good or bad.
The website is still a work in progress and we will continue to add content which is relevant to you.
You can find the website at:
The deadline to choose your marketer for next season is almost upon us, with Proserpine growers only having until 31 October 2019 to make their 2020-Season GEI Sugar Marketer nomination.
Electing your marketer is an important decision, as they not only sell sugar and negotiate important premiums on your behalf, but they also provide your pricing and payment options and any support you may need with these over the coming season.

QSL has been marketing Queensland sugar for nearly a century and represents more cane growers around our state than any other marketer. Here’s just some of the reasons why so many growers choose to market with QSL:

No mark-ups or margins: We’re a pass-through organisation, which means we don’t “clip the ticket” and return all net value generated to those who choose to use our services.
Strong performance: QSL is Australia’s most experienced sugar marketer and has a strong track record of outperforming the market.
Premiums matter: We don’t sell sugar to our own refineries. Instead, we use our long-term relationships with blue-chip Asian customers to target the best return available on behalf of those we represent.
The value of storage: QSL is the only sugar marketer to export through every Queensland bulk sugar terminal. This means we have unrivalled shipping flexibility to help manage fluctuations in production across the state and maximise pricing and sales returns.
Upfront and transparent: We have a proven commitment to transparency, with regular and public reporting of our returns and clear guidelines on how we account for and pass on any costs.
One system for all: Big or small, new or existing customer, the QSL product offering and loyalty program reward all eligible growers equally. There are no special deals for big growers or new customers.
Dedicated local support: Our Grower Services team is on hand when and where you need them, whether it be at your local QSL office, out on farm or via our free helpline.
For more information about how QSL can support your business, please contact your local QSL rep Karen Vloedmans on 0429 804 876.
Product deadlines
Growers who wish to use QSL’s 2020 Early-Start Actively Managed Pool or 2020 Self-Managed Harvest Pool are reminded nominations for these products close on 31 October 2019.
DISCLAIMER: These articles contain information of a general or summary nature only and should not be relied on to make any pricing or pool selection decisions. This information does not constitute financial or investment advice, and growers should seek their own independent advice before making any such decisions, in addition to reading the full Pricing Pool Terms which are available on QSL’s website.  Information about past performance should not be relied on as an indication of future performance, nor should anything in relation to these articles be taken to include representations as to future matters.




Wilmar has stepped up its competitive offer for GEI sugar nominations with a new bonus program. The 2020 Nomination and Referral Bonus Program offers cash bonuses for new GEI marketing nominations and referrals. 

The innovative offer provides:
  • Bonuses for nominations from new GEI marketing customers
  • Bonuses for increased nominations from existing customers
  • Bonuses for a person or organisation who refers a new GEI marketing customer to Wilmar
  • Rewards for GEI marketing customers who nominated Wilmar in 2019 and again in 2020
The bonuses and rewards are funded by Wilmar, not pools or other growers. Grower Marketing and Pricing Manager PJ Gileppa says the program gives growers even more reasons to choose Wilmar’s highly competitive market offering.

“Wilmar is proud of its position as an innovator in the grower pricing, pooling and marketing space. We offer a highly competitive range of products and services delivered by an expert team. Growers who market with us value the personalised, face-to-face service our consultants provide,” he said. “The bonus program provides an additional incentive for growers to exercise their marketing choice and give Wilmar a go in 2020.”

For new GEI marketing customers, it means they could receive a Nomination Bonus of up to $2 a tonne on all GEI tonnes nominated to Wilmar in 2020. The person or organisation who refers that grower to Wilmar is eligible for a Referral Bonus of the same value. Referrers may choose to donate their Referral Bonus to a charity or community organisation of their choice, and Wilmar is happy to facilitate this.

For more information about Wilmar’s 2020 Nomination and Referral Bonus Program, please call your local Grower Marketing Consultant, Angus McKerrow on 0419 238 536.

WILLS & ESTATE ADMINISTRATION   with Bogie & Co. Solicitors, Proserpine & Cannonvale
An enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document which defines who you would like to manage your affairs provided you are over 18 years of age. It generally gives rights in connection with financial matters as well as personal and health matters.  More than one attorney can be appointed if required.
It is a document which can prove invaluable in many instances. Like insurance, however, the value is often only appreciated after a significant event occurs.
Your attorney’s power to manage financial affairs begins when you decide this should begin. Many people bring this power into force immediately, but there is the opportunity to delay the operation of the document for financial matters. Generally an attorney should act in conjunction with your wishes provided you have the mental capacity to give instructions.
The financial attorney can perform a range of duties such as preparing your tax returns, managing your investments and ensuring your bills are paid on time. Generally no remuneration is paid to your attorney unless the attorney is acting in a professional capacity. It should also be noted that caregivers such as nursing homes should not hold a Power of Attorney for a resident.
People can lose capacity for decision making for reasons such as psychiatric or intellectual disability, dementia or temporary illness. The advantage of this type of Power of Attorney is that the attorney then has the power to make personal and health decisions on your behalf during the period of incapacity.
An attorney for personal matters can make decisions on for such things as where you live, who you will live with and your recreational activities. The attorney acting for health matters can make certain decisions such as medical, treatment options and what medicines are appropriate bearing in mind your wishes. 
It is therefore important that you choose carefully the person or people you wish to manage your affairs as well as indicating clearly your wishes for personal and health care in the event of your incapacity.
It should be noted that the Public Guardian has powers to investigate complaints if an attorney holding an enduring Power of Attorney for financial, health or personal matters is acting improperly. This can fall within the field of elder abuse. This is an extensive area of concern nowadays and includes psychological/emotional abuse as well as financial abuse. This will be the subject of a separate article.
As noted earlier in this article, many people simply discuss with their attorney their personal and health wishes in the event of their mental incapacity.
For those who wish to provide more certainty to their attorneys, an Advance Health Directive can be drawn up. This is a formal set of instructions for your future health
care. It is sometimes known as a “living will” and is used if you become unable to make decisions due to illness or mental incapacity.
There could be a time when you are seriously ill, unconscious or unable to communicate and critical decisions about your health care need to be made. An Advanced Health Directive ensures your wishes are known and gives health professionals directions about the treatment you require.
This can include information on such things as special health conditions, allergies to medications or religious, spiritual or cultural beliefs which could affect your care.
It is wise to take time to carefully reflect on any decisions you make remembering that you are putting in place a plan that will determine your future health care. 
As future health care decisions are important and a person must be very clear on decisions being made, the document also requires to be completed by a doctor who would explain your options and provide more information if required.
For those operating a company, an Enduring Power of Attorney would not allow the attorney to act as a director of the company. Such power of appointment by a director would generally be made, with approval of the other directors in the company, in terms of the company constitution. It is therefore wise to check the company constitution to be aware of any such rights along with any restrictions which may apply.
As can be seen, a great many matters require to be considered when granting an Enduring Power of Attorney. As the contents of the document can have serious implications, it is always wise to seek advice on the legal implications from a legal practitioner.

The information contained in this article is not advice and should not be treated as such.  It is based on Queensland Law and where applicable Commonwealth Legislation. You must not rely on the information in this article as an alternative to legal and financial advice from a properly qualified professional.  If you have any specific questions about any legal and/or financial matters, you should consult an appropriately qualified professional

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