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Distribution of the Monitor 2019

The distribution of the print version of the Monitor 2019 was completed last week, and the full English version of the Monitor was also presented. With these actions, the LNVH hopes to reach an even larger audience and to draw attention to the Dutch context abroad. Preparations for the Monitor 2020 have already started. We try to improve the Women Professors Monitor every year. Are there suggestions for improvement that you want to share with us? Or do you have suggestions for change or additions? Great if you share them via
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LNVH HR Platform meeting on social safety & ethical leadership

The LNVH HR platform met on 13 February. In this platform, the LNVH brings together the HR policy advisers on gender / diversity / talent policy from universities, UMCs and umbrella organizations for the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of cooperation. The theme of the meeting: social safety. This topic has been high on the agendas since the publication of the LNVH report ‘Harassment in Dutch academia’ and there is a great need to share knowledge, expertise and experience. In the run-up to this meeting, the VSNU made an overview of the measures taken by universities in the field of social safety. View this document (in Dutch) here.

The VSNU was also present at the meeting. The outcomes of this meeting serve as input for the upcoming HRNU meeting of HR directors and the topic is also on the agenda of the Conference of Rectors (Rectoren College). The LNVH furthermore discussed with the attendees the follow-up that will be given to the LNVH research report ‘Harassment in Dutch academia’, which will consist of an official ‘request for advice’ (adviesvraag) that will be filed by the ministry of OCW to the KNAW. A committee will be set up to consider recommendations for structurally banning misconduct and intimidation from academia. The LNVH will work closely with both KNAW and OCW in this process. In addition, information was provided about the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate (Inspectie SZW) which, following the LNVH report, will also be inspecting for misconduct and intimidation in the upcoming 2020 inspection of higher education institutes. After the meeting, the LNVH offered the participants a training in "Ethical Leadership".

LNVH Spring Symposium 28 May 2020

Time: 12:30 - 18:00
Location: De Metaal Kathedraal - Utrecht

More information about the program will follow in due time.

Apply for travel grant to attend EWORA workshop

EWORA, the European Women Rectors Association, invites early career female academics to apply for a travel grant to attend the 2nd EWORA workshop "Leadership in HE&R: Values, Complexities and Decision Making”.

As part of EWORA’s 2nd Workshop, a World Café for future academic women leaders will take place on 27 May at the University of Valencia’s historical building “La Nau Cultural Center”, followed by a feedback session on 28 May. More information can be found here.

Dutch universities can apply for Unesco chair

The Dutch Unesco Commission invites universities, as well as universities of applied sciences to apply for an Unesco chair.

UNESCO chairs are part of the worldwide Unesco Chairs Network which promotes research and education of UNESCO themes such as culture, education, sustainability, and human rights. 
Find out more information on the Unesco website.

Netherlands Institute for Human Rights: ruling on maternity discrimination case EUR

On 12 February the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights ruled on a pregnancy discrimination case brought against (in this case) the EUR. The LNVH is pleased that this matter has been raised with the CRM: it makes visible what normally remains invisible and offers opportunities for learning and making adjustments in behavior, mentality, awareness and procedures. The LNVH does not intervene in individual cases, but wherever possible it does provide general information and context on the position of women in Dutch academia in order to contribute to sustainable, structural change. This has also been the case in this specific case. On February 25 The Volkskrant published an article with a clear analysis of the case.  

The formal ruling in this case can be found on the website of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights.

Dutch Cabinet adopts SER-advice 'Diversity at the Top'

The Dutch government acknowledges the need to increase the proportion of women as well as cultural diversity at the top of organizations. That is why the government is adopting and preparing the implementation of the recommendations of the SER advisory report 'Diversiteit in de Top. Tijd voor versnelling' (Diversity at the Top. Time for acceleration). 
This spring, the Dutch government will propose a bill requiring Dutch listed companies to represent at least 30% of men and women on the Supervisory Board.

Marijke Naezer wins "Academie-Kus" award

Gender Studies researcher dr. Marijke Naezer, who, together with Prof. Marieke van den Brink and Prof. Yvonne Benschop, was commissioned by the LNVH to conduct research into misconduct and intimidation within the academy, "shook the universities up with the report," says union AOb. That is why she received the ‘Academie-Kus on February 14, Valentine's Day.
You can read more about the publication 'Harassment in Dutch academia. Exploring manifestations, facilitating factors, effects and solutions' on this page.

Highlighted Events

6 March | Utrecht, NL
Towards a gender inclusive academy: an intersectional perspective
More information

6 March | Groningen, NL
Presentation of the Aletta Jacobs Prize 2020 to Khadija Arib
More information

9 March | Vinkeveen, NL
Proeverij Inclusieve Diversiteit
More information

9 March | Maastricht, NL
GROW WoMen in Science Symposium
More information

10 March | Enschede, NL
Women in Science: Inspiration for your career!
More information

18 March | Amsterdam, NL
Nederlandse Vereniging Gender & Gezondheid Congres "Midlife en Menopauze"
More information

18 March | Amsterdam, NL
Symposium Women In Quantum Development
More information

21 March | Utrecht, NL
Transformative Strategies towards Inclusion
More information

2 April | NL
Girlsday 2020
More information

28 May | LNVH Spring Symposium 
More information will follow soon - save the date!

Interesting reads

Appointments & Awards

Annet van Royen     
Utrecht University

Senior Fellow

Sanda Lenzholzer
Wageningen University & Research
Professor of Landscape Architecture

Seraina Grünewald
Radboud University  

Professor of European and Comparative Financial Law
Marija Bartl
University of Amsterdam
Professor of transnational Private Law

Leónie Bentsink
Wageningen University & Research
Personal professor Plant Physiology

Carlien Scheele
Director of EIGE
Khadija Arib
Aletta Jacobs Prize


Utrecht University
Full Professor Drug Regulatory Science at Utrecht University

University of Twente
Assistant Professor of Computer Vision and Biometrics

Wageningen University & Research
Professor and Chair of Forest Ecology and Forest Management
Professor and Chair to lead the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group

University of Technology Eindhoven
Irène Curie fellowship vacancies

Radboud University Nijmegen
Assistant Professor Genderhistory (in Dutch)
Programme Director Internalisation

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Projectmanager "Impact Erkennen en Waarderen"
For a full list of vacancies please visit
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