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News in light of COVID-19

The LNVH bureau will be closed until June 15th, which means we will work remotely whenever possible. You can still reach the LNVH by phone (+31 30 600 1361) or e-mail ( On behalf of the board and bureau of the LNVH, we would like to wish everyone strength and good health in these complex and challenging times.


Call for members sounding board of associate professors

The LNVH is looking for new members to strengthen the LNVH sounding board of associate professors. The sounding board is a group of approximately 30 affiliates (associate professors) of all universities and university medical centers, which comes together twice a year and provides the LNVH board with advice and input. Members of the sounding board are also part of the LNVH delegation during the annual visits with the university boards. For any questions or to become a member, please send an e-mail to or call 030 600 1361.

Photo by Sam McGhee on Unsplash

LNVH DWSF laureates present their research plans

The LNVH is very proud of its (modest, but meaningful) travel grant: the Distinguished Women Scientists Fund. This grant is for female postdocs - up to 3 years after promotion, working in the Netherlands - who wish to travel abroad for a research stay. We are of course even more proud of our DWSFund laureates. We normally ask them to present their research projects during our annual Spring Symposium, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, the symposium was turned into a live webinar. That's why we've asked them to present their research, their (often postponed due to travel bans) visit abroad, the newly established collaborations and the impact of COVID-19 on their research plans in videos. Watch them here.


NWO call Incentive Grants for Women in STEM open

‘Inclusion and diversity are important to science, both in terms of its quality and impact. In the Netherlands, women make up only a small percentage of the workforce in many science and engineering disciplines’ states NWO on its website, and for that reason, NWO opens the call ‘Incentive Grants for Women in STEM’.
With this call NWO aims to retain women who are qualified in science or the engineering sciences, and to provide them with a stable launchpad for an academic career. To this end, this grant will support women who are temporarily without funding but who, nevertheless, have good prospects of obtaining a permanent or more senior research position (from Tenure Track) in science or the engineering sciences. This will involve providing financial support to research institutions, which will enable them to appoint a woman for a transitional period before she takes up that position. One example is when universities offer candidates a permanent or more senior position, but the position in question is not immediately available. The grant can then be used to bridge this ‘gap’. [source:]

LNVH Spring Symposium webinar

On May 28th, we had the chance to listen to the inspiring talk of prof. Amy Edmondson and the insightful Q&A between Amy and LNVH board member Sandra Groeneveld during our Spring Symposium webinar on psychological safety. The webinar and prof. Edmondsons’ power point presentation will be made available on our website in the upcoming week. All affiliates and attendees will receive a message with the latest updates on the webinar. Missed it or inspired to see more? Please take a look at Amy Edmondsons’ TEDtalks.  

Workload and social safety  included in The State of Education 2020

In the Report The State of Education 2020, launched on April 22, 2020, the Inspectorate of Education tackles the subjects of student welfare, social safety and workload for the first time. The Inspectorate has noticed the need to include workload and social safety in the agenda; as such, the LNVH report on harassment in academia is also mentioned as one of the reasons for including social safety the Report The State of Education. According to the Inspectorate, it is highly remarkable that problems with social safety are still not mentioned in or part of any visitation report or accreditation decision.

Download the Dutch version here (212 pages), and the English version here (52 pages)


Farewell Wim van Saarloos KNAW

On May 25, the annual Akademiemiddag  of the KNAW took place. This year's meeting focused on the farewell of Wim van Saarloos, who will step down as President of the KNAW on June 1. To mark his farewell, Van Saarloos bundled his reflections on the current system of science in his publication Meer wetenschap in Nederland (in Dutch). At the end of the meeting, the symbolic transfer of the presidency to Ineke Sluiter took place, after which she briefly outlined her view of the role of the Academy for the coming years. [Source:]
The LNVH would like to thank Wim van Saarloos for all the fruitful collaborations in the past years, and would like to congratulate Ineke Sluiter on her new role as president of the KNAW.

Success Irène Curie Fellowship programme

Eindhoven University of Technology has recruited 35 female scientists since it started its new hiring policy last July to address the gender balance in its scientific staff. The policy, which stipulates that faculty positions are only open to women in the first half year of recruitment, has more than doubled the yearly increase of women in these positions at TU/e. The university board finds these first results encouraging. Since last July up to 1 April this year, TU/e recruited 35 Irène Curie Fellows: 29 assistant professors, 2 associate professors and 4 full professors. Thanks to the program, the percentage of female faculty has gone up to 25 percent. [Source: TU Eindhoven]

KNAW has selected eighteen new members

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has elected eighteen new members, including former LNVH board member of the LNVH Halleh Ghorashi. Academy members, leading researchers from across all disciplines, are selected for their scientific and scholarly achievements. The Academy has about 550 members. Members are appointed for life. The inauguration of the new Academy members will take place later this year. The LNVH is one of the nominators for KNAW membership and is happy to see a well-balanced M/F ratio within this group of new members. The LNVH congratulates all new members.

Call for nominations:
International For Women in Science Awards

Created in 1998, the International Awards L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science honours - every year - 5 eminent women scientists from 5 regions of the world. Alternating every other year, these exceptional researchers are rewarded for their important contributions to the progress of science, either in Life sciences or in the fields of Physical sciences, Mathematics and Computer science. An award of €100,000 is given to each of the five laureates selected by a jury of internationally renowned experts.
Call for nominations is open until May 31st 2020. Read the rules and regulations here.

COVID-19: Challenges and action perspectives for inclusive universities.

On May 18, 2020, the EUR Diversity & Inclusion Office has released their latest paper, titled COVID-19: Challenges and action perspectives for inclusive universities.

At home, there can be multiple barriers, such as a lack of day-care and extra informal care tasks for family members, or relationship problems and domestic violence. Furthermore, the substantial economic impact of the crisis has resulted in reduced job security. Even though the consequences of the pandemic affect the population in general, it is evident that some groups will be disproportionately affected by the adverse effects of this crisis. Prof. Semiha Denktaş, dr. Gwen de Bruin, dr. Katarina Putnik en dr. Helen Tibboel emphasise the different challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis with this paper.
The paper is available in both English and in Dutch. [Source:]

Highlighted Events

12 June | ONLINE
Bessensap 2020
More information
19 June | ONLINE
Workshop (/ Masterclass) Nieuw in de Raad
More information
27 August |  POSTPONED
Open Science Festival 2020
More information

3 October | Utrecht
VNVA Els Borst Oeuvreprijs Symposium
More information

9 November | Apeldoorn
Congres Vrouwelijke Leiders in de Zorg
More information

Interesting reads

Appointments & Awards

University of Twente
Maria Vlasiou
Full professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Nederlands Interdisciplinair Demografisch Instituut (NIDI)
Helga de Valk
Director of NIDI 
Utrecht University
Nanna Verhoeff
Professor of Screen Cultures and Society at the Faculty of Humanities

Lector of the Year 2020
Colette Cuijpers
Juridische Hogeschool Avans-Fontys


Voorzitter NWO (Dutch)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Bijzonder hoogleraar Indirecte Belastingen (Dutch)
Tilburg University
Assistant/Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence (Tenure Track)
Tilburg University
Assistant/Associate Professor in Marketing
TU Eindhoven
TU Eindhoven are recruiting for 5 Assistant/Associate/Full Professors in AI
TU Eindhoven
Professor in `Natural Artificial Intelligence'
Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (OCW)
Directeur Emancipatie (Dutch)
For a full list of vacancies please visit
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