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July 28, 2020

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  1. Public Question Period
  2. Microbrewery Zoning Bylaw Amendment
  3. Full Throttle Zoning Bylaw Amendment
  4. Repairs to Wastewater Treatment Plant
  1. Fieldstone Parkette
  2. COVID-19 Service Delivery and Recovery
  3. Proposed Updates to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
  4. Internet Developments
This meeting was conducted by means of Electronic Participation by a majority of council members, as permitted by Section 238 (3.3) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, as there is presently an emergency declared to exist in the Town of Mono, that being the COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was live streamed, and a video recording of the meeting has been posted on the Town’s website.
Residents can request to join the August 18th meeting in order to ask a question during question period by completing the online request form.
Alternatively, you can use the online submission form to pose questions to Council in advance that will then be addressed during Question Period.

Public Question Period

Vickie Rowden asked if any town official inspected the residence at 674305 Hurontario to confirm its plans and usage. Director of Public Works, Mike Dunmore, indicated that Dufferin County inspectors have visited the residence and will ensure that the work completed is in accordance with the revised drawings that were submitted. Director of Planning, David Trotman, added that updated plans are being reviewed by the town.

Question mark in burgundy circle
Bill Munro inquired into the $217,059.59 amount reported in the summary of expenditures for the administration department. Mr. Munro indicated there was a similar amount around the same time in 2019. Treasurer, Les Halucha, responded that approximately $203,000 is for property and liability insurance. This is due around this time of year annually and postage for tax bills was also purchased in the amount of $10,000. One question regarding the Micro-Brewery application was deferred to the Public Meeting about that item.


Microbrewery Zoning Bylaw Amendment

MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson (MHBC) Planning Limited provided a review of the proposed microbrewery for 388113 Mono Centre Road. The property is currently used for rural-residential and agricultural uses. The proposal is to include a Microbrewery as a site-specific permitted use in a Rural Exception Zone.

Residents in attendance expressed concerns about traffic, water, odour, parking, safety, and impact to town infrastructure with this development. One resident commented that the development would fit in with the rural setting of Mono and that it would be a welcome feature of the Town. The applicant will provide a written response addressing concerns raised by Council and the public.

Conceptual drawing of the proposed Microbrewery

pdf icon  Microbrewery Public Meeting Presentation

pdf icon  Zoning Bylaw Amendment for On-Farm Diversified Use

Full Throttle Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Council denied the application for the development of a small to medium sized vehicle repair shop proposed for 507393 Highway 89 (Zoning Bylaw Amendment 2017-03) after MHBC Planning Limited presented on the application and after hearing comments from a local business owner. The revised proposal included consideration of previously received comments relating to the visual impact, noise, environmental issues, safety, and that the proposal is to be subject to site plan control. The revision indicated a maximum of 13 vehicles would be on site, including vehicles belonging to the owner and employees, it would have a maximum of 2 garage bays, and the Site Plan would contain design elements of local agricultural buildings. During the meeting, a local business owner expressed concerns that a repair shop does not fit in with the characteristics of the Violet Hill hamlet and that it would negatively impact businesses in the area.

Full Throttle Conceptual Site Plan

pdf icon  Full Throttle Public Meeting Presentation Prepared by MHBC

pdf icon  Planning Report: Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Full Throttle (ZBA 2017-03)

Repairs to Wastewater Treatment Plant

Council approved a request from Dufferin Vacant Land Condominium Corporation (DVLCC22) to release $70,000 from funds held in reserve and kept in trust to repair the wastewater treatment plant at 400 Monora Park Drive. $40,000 of the funds would be used for a steel servicing platform for the exhaust fans, and $30,000 would contribute to the costs of repairing the recent catastrophic failure of the drive shaft that turns the rotating biological contractor (RBC) media unit. While the repair work is underway, the sewage is being transported to Orangeville for treatment and disposal.

Catastrophic failure of drive shaft that turns RBC
RBC Broken Shaft
Watermark Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant on Monora Park Drive


pdf icon  Dufferin Vacant Land Condominium Corporation, Repairs to Wastewater Treatment Plant

Fieldstone Parkette

Council approved the design for a new playground and surfacing at the Fieldstone Parkette. Council deliberated over some of the playground equipment, including the teeter-totter, quiet area, and the need for more than one slide. Council also considered incorporating a swing set into the design by substituting some of the other features. Due to the physical area swings are required to have for safety reasons, swings would not be included in this installation.

Fieldstone Parkette Concept

The playground’s installation and surfacing price of $147,415.90 was under the $165,000 budgeted. Some of the costs of this playground installation are offset by including the costs of the site preparation in with the Island Lake Family Park development.

pdf icon  Fieldstone Parkette RFP Award Recommendation

COVID-19 Service Delivery and Recovery

With the installation of protective barriers at the customer service desk on July 25, the Town Hall is prepared for a soft opening on August 4th.  The soft opening would be limited to appointments only and would include a reopening of the Mono Internet Centre (MIC). The MIC is a room at Town Hall that can be booked and where residents can bring their devices to access the public WiFi at Town Hall. Due to technical limitations in the ability to hold blended meetings combining in-person and virtual attendance as noted in a report from Digital Content Specialist, Andrew Dahmer, Council meetings will continue in a virtual and online format.
The Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT) will be using the Council Chambers for the LPAT hearing for 6 weeks, starting August 24th. The meeting will take place as a modified in-person meeting under strict conditions. There would need to be a balance for the public to be involved when necessary and proper management of a hearing with witnesses present.

pdf icon  CAO’s Report on COVID-19 Service Delivery and Recovery

Proposed Updates to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Council reviewed a recommendation by Director of Planning, David Trotman, to submit comments about an amendment to the Growth Plan for the Greater Horseshoe. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH) released the proposed amendment with changes intended to increase the mix and supply of housing and streamline the development approvals process. The amendment removed lower tier municipal specific growth targets, instead setting the growth targets for the upper tier municipalities. Council accepted the comments outlined in the Director’s report with the addition of a comment about the town’s opposition to the changes that have been made to aggregate operations.

Distribution of Population & Employment for the
Greater Golden Horseshoe to 2051
  Population Employment

County of Dufferin
2031 2041 2051 2031 2041 2051

Reference Forecast
80,000 85,000 95,000 29,000 32,000 39,000

Low Growth Scenario
80,000 85,000 93,000 29,000 32,000 38,000

High Growth Scenario
80,000 85,000 98,000 29,000 32,000 40,000

pdf icon  Summary of Proposed Updates to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Internet Developments

Council received an update from Deputy Mayor Creelman about the work being done to investigate the requirements for telecommunications equipment to be installed at the top of the water tower on French Drive. The Deputy Mayor indicated that an agreement has been reached with a prospective internet provider and that he is optimistic about a second provider who may want similar access to the tower.

The next Council Meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2020 at 9 am.

Agendas and minutes for all council and committee meetings can be found on the Town's Citizen Engagement Portal:

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Flight of the Monarchs Day is an opportunity to celebrate the growing movement to protect monarch butterflies and the astonishing phenomenon of their migration. On March 10, 2020, the Town of Mono's Council proclaimed August 22, 2020 as Flight of the Monarch's Day.

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Fill Bylaw Amendment Reminder


Council passed an amendment to the fill bylaw at the July 14, 2020 meeting that addresses several concerns that have been raised by residents. The amendment adds a definition for “Locally Sourced Fill”; requires all fill to be sourced in Dufferin; ensures that all movement of fill is subject to specific conditions; removes the exemption for fill or site alteration that is incidental to construction related to a building permit including driveway construction; and increases the set fine for violations from $150 to $700. Notwithstanding the change in the set fine, the Town still has the option to pursue fines up to $25,000 for a first offence and $100,000 for repeat offences in Provincial Offences Court.

The amendment to the fill bylaw has been passed while development of a completely updated fill bylaw continues.

Please be aware that compliance with the fill bylaw does not relieve contractor or property owner responsibilities from application of the Road Occupancy and access permit requirements of the Public Works Department.

View Amendment to Fill Bylaw
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