New Release

Improvements to PlanProphet Mobile App:

You can now start sending statements, invoices and quotes from the mobile app!

  • You can find the Send Statement button on the Account record page.

  • You can find the Send Invoice and Send Quote buttons on the Job record page.

  • The issue related to opening PDFs in Androids has been fixed.

New Screen to Create Prospects Manually:

Previously, the process of creating a prospect account in PlanProphet implied creating the account first and then assigning contacts to it. As of this release, there's a new screen that will allow you to create the account and assign one contact to it automatically.


  • The Company Name and contact's Last Name are required fields.

  • The contact that's added when creating the prospect account will be set up as the Main Buyer of the account. You can change it later, once you've added other contacts to the prospect. For further details on this process, click here.

If you have other improvements in mind, please do not hesitate to write to us.

PlanProphet’s team

Release from January 13, 2022